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Relieving the come down from Coke


I went on a bit of a binge last night (It's ok I don't do this often). I had large amounts of alchohol and cocaine.
does anyone know how I can ease the come down???
I know that people use 5-htp after taking ecstacy, but will it work for coke??? Also I read you shouldn't mix 5-htp with alcohol but would be ok to take the 5-htp the next day as I may still have alcohol in my body as it takes aprox 24 hours for alcohol to clear the body???


Jay, it sounds like maybe you're new around here, so let me provide you with a bit of an orientation? this forum is devoted to training and nutrition, not recreational alcohol and drug use. Now, I've never used any type of drug, but my guess is that the best way to 'come down" (whatever that means) from your drug binge would be not to have the binge in the first place. can't you find something more productive to do with your time?!


Jay, as far as I know there is no easy way to come down off coke. I believe people use 5-htp to come down off E because it boosts natural serotonin production which will have been depleted after doing E. (personally, I have found that I get hit with the "tuesday blues" regardless if I take 5htp or not)

I have found that the only thing that works is sleep. If you have started to come down and you are having trouble sleeping, then eating and drinking more booze will help settle you down.

...the key is falling asleep before that critical, I feel like killing myself stage, at which point you just have to grin and bear it.

As for the day after, my expirience has taught me that nothing helps get rid of that drug hangover better than some good excercise. Usually I will go to the gym and force myself to do some light cardio, or maybe go for a run. After that you will be nice and tired, at which point you can go to sleep again....

Good luck!



You're the one who started the hookers thread, right? Dude, you've either got serious problems or are just a troll.

Emotional attachment to hookers? Large amounts of alcohol and cocaine? You qualify for the T-Forums Dead Pool 2003.


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I think you have issues. You might want to consider going to AA meetings for a while and getting a therapist. Having emotional attachments to whores and drinking and taking coke to excess isn't the best use of your time. Have you ever considered lifting weights and eating right, taking pride in yourself, and getting addicted to that? Its definitely worth a shot.


Good one P-DOG!


I pray we do not get to the point on this board where we condone this sort of post.


To Charles staley.
This is an off topic forum which means posts are not necessarily to do with training/nutrition.
I do train hard and take care of my nutrition, and like I said in my post I do not take coke often maybe twice a year if that. Last night it was my best friends 25th birthday so I decided to go on a bit of a bender, it's the first time I've taken coke this year and probably the last for this year so once a year ain't too bad I reckon.
To the other guys, as for hookers I've decided to never see another hooker again in my life.
I'm actually glad I got so flamed by the other T-mag readers in my post on hookers, it seems to have drilled some sense into me


this is a forum for training advice... if you want drug advice go to




You're right this is an off topic board, meaning that if you're gonna post then Charles Staley and anyone else is allowed to respond as they wish.

If you don't like the advice you get about drug posts then don't post threads about drug use!

A lot of us would feel priveleged to have Staley or other Tmag contributors reply to our post, why don't you listen to what he has to say.


Hey guys I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have written this post in the first place.
It's just that I've seen people in the past asking about the come down from ecstacy and asking for hangover cures etc.


What a dumb fuckin question.


Hey Jay, do you sniff coke with the hookers?
Twice a year isn't bad? uhhhh o.k.
Heres my advice Jay get your head out of your ass and do something worth while and it being your friends birthday isn't an excuse.
Just say NO!!!


He'd fit in great with Kevin Stevens. Remember him? He's the former NY Rangers hockey player who got nailed in a hotel with a whre and a bunch of coke.


how about the whole 86' METS team they were all high on coke.


You guys are being pretty elitest about a simple question. None of you is here to judge someone you've never met based on minimal information. Everything you guys are saying is absolute opinion.

There is a steriod forum two clicks away on this same forum. Steroids are just as illegal as coke and if I brought them up on almost any board I would be flamed much the same as you guys are doing here.

Doing coke once or twice a year is not a bad habit that will lead to his demise. If you feel differently, then consider yourself uninformed and keep your high and mighty opinion to yourself.

My guess is that the only reason this thread got flamed in the first place was because people saw Staley's name and just wanted to jump on the band wagon. This IS an off-topic forum.


i wouldnt go to a rave party forum for wrestling advice; why go to a bodybuilding forum for recreational drug use advice? go to


where they have forums dedicated to this kind of stuff.