Relief for Chronic Tennis Elbow?

Not that I play Tennis - I’m guessing from the Bis/tris workout.
Dont do skullcrushers any more but still, its always tender there.

Any suggestions?

I’ve had it several times - both tennis and golfer’s elbow (and I don’t play either). I ended up resting until the pain subsided, which took several months. Icing the area for 20 minutes after each workout seems to help. Also, changing the way you workout can help. The last bout I had was from doing pullups on a straight bar. I ended up buying some Power Rings and doing chinups. They allow more movement so your joints aren’t forced into one position.
One note of caution: I’ve read that once you’ve had it, the tendon damage never completely heals, so when you start working out again go slow. Good luck.

Try more active recovery with active release therapy. Worked without a hitch on my lifter’s elbow a few years back.