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Reliable Vitamin Companies


In an age where distribution of supplements is not monitered, I wonder what comapnies everyone else thinks are good companies. (Ok, they can get a GMP stamp--GMPs are more about maintaining certain manufacturing standards and are not truly a guarantee that any product is actually safe, etc.)

So what are some reputable vitamin and mineral companies?

Here are three I've found acceptable (totally subjective):

  1. Country Life
  2. Solaray
  3. Now


I go with:

  • Twinlab
  • Solgar
  • Jarrow

Jarrow is a recent addition to my list. They seem to be the up-and-coming manufacturer. Good reputation, good prices, good formulations, albeit not as complete a line as the other two companies.

Twinlab and Solgar have both been sold to bigger companies in the past few years, and while I still trust their quality, I have reservations about their future leadership.

With respect to the companies on your list, they all have a good rep, just not brands I personally use.

(I lived for many years in the section of Long Island where several of the top manufacturers have their headquarters, and got to know some of the industry's insiders - so when I talk about a company's reputation I'm expressing more than just my own opinion.)


Now has good quality and good prices.

Jarrow is superb. Similar for a small canadian company AOR (the R-ala folks).


Puritan's Pride


My top four:

Rainbow Light
Garden of Life
Natural Factors


Swanson prices are so good I wonder sometimes what I'm getting...


USANA could be the leader here. They are miles ahead of any other (vitamin etc.) company I have seen.


I agree--they're good. However, they're also top $$.


Has anyone ever used Neways....is it a scam mlm company or top quality stuff?


SISU is also good. Jamieson and Swiss Herbal suck.


Andrew Lessman Vitamins