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Reliable Source?

I bought a piece of PL training equipment from some guy on ebay. After I won the auction we exchanged a few e-mails about the transaction and got to talking about training and it turned out that we were into PL and we both had very similar training programs. The guy said that he had made some great gains on the program when he started using gear and said that if I was ever interested in some gear he could hook me up.

I am sourceless right now because I havent been on a cycle for the past 18 months and I would like to start a short one soon. Would you pursue this lead any further or would you let it go and find another source through another channel?? Im a little paranoid that this guy is a scammer or even worse a cop (its a stretch but who knows). What are your opinions?


I would pursue it. I would ask him for some ref’s. If he didn’t give me any refs I would not pursue it further. If he does give you refs, check them out. If they check out then find a mod at a board you trust who will do a source check for you. If he checks out after that, then you should be fine. Way to many scammers out there. Also, if you look around hard enough, you should be able to find good open source boards.


Personally I wouldn’t. Maybe he’s good to go but I’d agree that you should check for ref’s. Finding gear isn’t that hard if you keep your eyes open.