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Reliable Ordering/What if Confiscated?


Does anyone have a preference of where to order some good products? What happens if shipments are confiscated?


ya, im curious too as to worst case scenerio ( in canada ). And also is buying with a credit card advised/risky?


Test - $150.00
Nolva - $95.00

Being fucking stupid enough to buy juice with a credit card - Priceless!!!!!!!!!!


I think the only way you could get in trouble using a credit card is if someone raided a company and they got your records.

Since AAS is legal in places that sell it, why would using a CC be bad??

If a package has your name on it and it gets seized, THAT is how you would get in trouble.

Unless someone else can shine some light on the situation, I really don't see how you can get in trouble using your CC if you order from an international company and they are a legit business.

Like I said, the only way I can see you getting in trouble is if the package is seized.


If the package is seized and you paid cash for the gear you may be able to say that you never ordered it and didnt actually intend on receiving a controlled substance. However, if the third line on your credit card statement says 'Steroids', you dont have much chance of playing the ignorance card.

I agree that purchasing gear by credit card is not going to guarantee getting busted, but if the substance is seized, and customs have proof that you purchased a controlled substance (it is too easy for them to get details of your credit card transactions) I think you are fucked.


It's more paper trail you don't need. Don't use a credit card.


so money order is the route to go? its a domestic company, but apparently they ship from the states (canadian company, claims to ship product from states). And what if the package is siezed (although they guarantee delivery)




so how do u order?


Most reliable sites will reship your order at no cost to you when you send them the seizure letter in it's original envelope. You will have to pay shiping again and they will not reship to the same address.


so money order is the route to take?


if someone knowledgable could pm me i have some questions, preferably someone in canada, but any help is great.


Split, are you talking about MM source I told you about? If so, as I told you, I WENT THERE, to the guy's store! He has a shelf full of the stuff. He definitely does not ship from the States. They have to say that for legal purposes as prohormones are, and always were, illegal to sell in Canada.


ok awesome, ill order from BF than. Thanks willy. But again what is the best way to go? Money order?


True credit card is a little riskier but not much espically if you've never had anything intercepted before. If it's your first order and it's seized and it happens to be small enough or customs/border patrol doesn't feel you as a threat they send you a letter. Some companys re-send it completly free others don't. If you've had orders seized before then you're taking a big risk even attempting another order. In that case western union would be the way to go but if they don't have you red flagged credit card is fine.


ok i guess western union it is, im new to that so what is the process? Money order not advised? It is domestic


If you know their legit then yes a paper money order would be the way to go but I know a lot of places that only take credit card or western union money order(wire transfer).