Reliable HCG Source

Looking for a reliable source for HCG.

using it for 6+months personally. and cheap! 20usd or so for 10k IU

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I meant to talk with my endo about it and forgot. Now I won’t see him for another 6 months. These products seem legit though?

Yo, Frank.

I was just taking a look at the site you linked…just curious, is that perhaps where you have been getting your supplements you are currently taking, which you’ve been talking about in your thread: Test, Dbol, and EQ? Looking at the site…it seems…how to put this…? A bit shady. Could this perhaps be why (which I’ve questioned before in my replies in your thread) your gains/progress have not been as massive/noticeable? I’m just wondering is all. Often times, I’ve found/heard that when sites such as that one, where it is very easy to simply search for and find on the internet, exist, they are usually too good/too convenient/too well-priced to be true.

If it is in fact who you are receiving your supplements from, I’d STRONGLY advise you searching for and purchasing the AAS testing kits which you CAN legally purchase online; so that you can test any products you might have gotten from them.
Because another thing about that site…those prices are literally “too good to be true”…granted, they are actually VERY reasonable, BUT that is why I think the “too good to be true” comes to my mind.

And hey, if you aren’t getting anything from there, then nevermind! The good thing about HCG is, it is always VERY easy to tell if your purchase is fake or not because if it is real, your balls will very visibly grow (and feel) much larger and your amount of raging boners will be insane. If you don’t have those reactions after taking it, then it most likely is fake HCG.

@mnben87 Interesting… Ha, I’ve been out of the game for a bit so I figured that perhaps security might’ve increased but it doesn’t seem like it’s gotten that much more “secure”.

Not gonna lie, I was SERIOUSLY eyeing that Boldenone as I’ve lately been really wanting to add some into my current TRT protocol. I love that stuff for the pumps, the pretty strong anabolic profile, and appetite. Well, ha, since I’m in the honest tree I was also looking at the Test C as well, as I’d like to do a blast and raise up my current Test C (hence i’d need more) along with running EQ. Something mild like 5-600mg Test/400mg EQ. Maybe throw in some NPP for help with the ol joints (once you’re over 40, and have abused them like I did when I was competing and moving serious weights, they want to hurt and ache often). But I just don’t know about that site.

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@mnben87 Thanks bro, I appreciate the look! I’ll have to check that out on my home computer when I get a chance. Yeah, I don’t have a secure email, so hopefully I can figure out that proton mail. And I hope I don’t have to figure out how to use Bitcoin in order to participate, BUT, ha, I understand that SHOULD I want to do so, well, I’d have to figure it out if I really wanted to, huh? Those prices seem really awesome, and while ur right, that shipping is high, I usually always try to minimize the number of orders I do annually, and since inj. gear keeps for quite awhile, I’d prob just go ahead and grab several items at once.

You had any issues with severe PIP from any of their items? I normally, as most do, go for the higher dose per mg. stuff like Test, EQ, etc. for just less pinning, but I’ve learned that with some sources that are not really good chemists, they tend to dump a TON of BA in their stuff for bacterial control and figure more is better! Which, if you simply maintained a clean, sterile environment you never need more than like 1.5% or so of BA. Last question…does “Direct” carry “everything”? As in almost all AAS as well as GH? Just curious.

Again, thanks bro, 'preciate it! Got my fingers crossed I don’t have to figure out that damn bitcoin garbage.

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HA, no shill thoughts here. Just glad for the info. Yeah, while I’ve used all kinds of things in the past, and personally brewed many different things, I still honestly think that for the average AAS user who is not competing or an athlete, you just really do NOT need a million different compounds if your goal is primarily either putting on mass or leaning up. Honestly, the average person can’t go wrong with Test, Dbol, Deca, EQ, Masteron, Winstrol…IMHO Tren is simply TOO harsh on your body, with too many deleterious effects upon the body, to simply run casually. Again, if you’re a serious COMPETITIVE PWL’er/BB’er, then yeah, Tren rocks for strength, aggression, and lean mass sparing while diesting down for a show. Otherwise, nah…I’ll pass.

And you’re right, that price for a kit of GH is CRAZY good! It really hasn’t gone up since I’ve last used it over a decade ago. Ha, I’m sure they probably have all the same confusing nonsense too…green tops, blue tops, red tops…claiming some are better/stronger than the others. I never really bought into all that and usually just went with the blue tops. But running 12+ IU’s/day, along with Humalog, definitely produced incredible results.

Thanks also for the PIP info and the Cash App info. I do have that app…and I assume what you meant was that you use the app to purchase however many $$'s of bitcoin, right? And then you probably send that $$ amount of bitcoing to them via the cash app?

Thanks again bro!

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I have used a lot of there products the Dbol was my first cycle this cycle I ran
Week 1-20 test and EQ
Week 1 10 NPP
Week 8- 20 Masteron
Week 11 -20 Tren

And most of the products were either Asteroid or Leonardo I was super nervous about the mental side’s from tren but to be honest it didn’t give me any the only noticeable side I got was horrific night sweats

Interesting…good to know.

I will say that with what @mnben87 mentioned, it does seem like the several layers of security/encryption might…no, ARE, probably the safer route to go. Again, not saying ur site isn’t good/legit, but I personally feel a bit more comfortable with the encrypted communication route. Not to mention the prices are crazy! I did wonder how they even manage to stay profitable at those levels, but my guess is simply sheer volume.

As previously mentioned, I’d mainly be interested in Test, EQ, NPP, and perhaps Masteron Enanthate, or for orals anadrol, dbol. But, with how negatively those two impact liver markers, lipids, and aromatize so strongly[well, the dbol], I’d be hesitant. Old saying, if you can’t grow on test, eq, deca…well, something is very wrong! I’ve found that to be very true.

Village Fertility Pharmacy. I’ve used them for eight years.