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Reliable doc in Florida


G'day Gents,

I've been following your posts for some time now & have tried some searching in FL & visited various compounding pharmacies & a few docs. To not much avail. I have previously gone down down AAG path & to better results after using protocols suggested by you on here (no help from AAG!!) not so keen on their costs either!

I am limited for time, generally only being in the country periodically for work and would like some private recommendations of docs that people have had success with. This will hopefully save me the pain, money & time of chasing docs.

I've taken a few months off to try and sort out some kind of program to start with & find a doc I can communicate with.

Also, 2 vids worth watching. "food matters" & "fat sick and nearly dead" some good info on both of them.

Cheers to you guys who have worked so hard and shared your results & stickies.