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Release the hips

I had my first DE squat day, and I realized something. My hips are too damn tight!! I was trying to explode up through the bar, but I kept feeling tight in my hips, which really limited my speed. Could some of you experienced Westsiders (sounds like s street gang from a 50’s movie) please explain what it means to “Release the hips”? Also, is there anthing I can do (besides stretching) to help alleviate the tightness? I know that I should have posted this on the original WS thread, but it’s taking too long to bring it up on my computer. We need a seperate forum!!!

Using an equipement like the Indo board
will force your hips to loosen.

Hey Paul,
Do leg swings to the front, don’t let the hips round forward. Also pull your back leg up like a hurdler while standing. Do inside/ outside cresent kicks (if you know any martial arts).
Basically do hurdle drills, and if you can do them 2-4 times a day.

The basic advice always given is to start on a higher box, move your stance in a little, and point your toes out slightly until your flexibility gets to where it needs to be. Here is a stretch i did when i was having problems with my hips. Lay on your back and put your feet in the butterfly position. Pull your feet as close to you as possible. Let your knees drop and totally relax. that one stretch helped me so much.

Thanks guys. I do a lot of lower body stretches, seeing as how I play soccer, and I do a lot of stretches for my hips. Is it possible that I’m just having trouble with this as it’s a new lift for me, or does playing a socialist sport :slight_smile: do this to you?

Paul- Goldberg is absolutely right, start with a high box then work your way down. Also if you plan on geting the most out of training westside you need to get some squat briefs to help your hips.
Good luck
Big martin

Big Martin-I’ve just started WS training, and I know not to worry about bands and chains for a while, but would the lifting equipment be a good purchase before I’ve really gotten to the heavy weights? Right now, I’m only box squatting 300lbs, so it seems that it’s pretty early for me to start worrying about all the lifting gear. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? When should a Westsider start considering the supersuit, superundies etc.?