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Release of THC after working out

I have a question for any doctors or work out buffs out there who know something about chemicals and working out. I have heard that if you smoke weed one day and then workout the next day, you can get high from the re release of THC into your bloodstream. Is this possible? Anyone have any proof on if this could be true? Thanks.

well, i’ve never felt that…

It’s never happened to me. Has it happened to you?

Very unlikly. Because its not THC that is released into the bloodstream its the metabolite of THC that was stored in your bodies fat cells. What this means to you? you ask. Well if you ever have to take a drug test be sure to pigout after you last workout and up until the test to make sure you are storing fat and not burning fat. Why? as mentioned before, the THC metabolite is stored in fat cells. So if you are a long time smoker and take a 30-day break to pass a drug test, but are in the process of getting ripped up(burning fat cells) you can still fail a drug test because they don’t test for THC they test for the metablite of THC.

Someone told me that working out a lot would get it out of your system fast because you would “sweat it out.” Was that bullshit?

well yea its kinda thc, like theres delta-9-tetra-hydra-corbinal (or whatever thc stands for) and theres delta other numbers too. Well technically the metabolites are still forms of THC they are just delta-something else. No you wont get high.