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I read an article by Doug Kalman on certain herbs he recomended for people to use to relax. Some of them were kava kava, Bat’s Wing(erythrina) and chicalote. Has anyone ever tried this, if so how did it go? And what are the dosages?

Kava is good stuff. Look for a standardized extract with a kavalactone content of 50-80 mg.

I’ve tried many of them. I believe that I posted the typical doses in that Alt Pharm article.

For kava kava, I like 500 mg 40 minutes prior to sleep, many other good combos are out there…

Doug, where do you find the other combo’s? Where’s a good place to find that stuff?

I’m not necessarily talking about help w/ sleep. I just don’t like the habbit of going out and putting back a few to get the stress of the week off. I know I know pushing the iron helps I do agree but just want to be mellow w/out killing T-levels and using Pot or drinking.

Who needs to take something to relax? Just friggin take a load off! :slight_smile:

Kava Kava does work well, but be aware of the dangers. It has been associated with liver problems for one, so depending on what other “supplements” you are taking, you may want to avoid it. Valerian, Cats Claw, and Cammomile all in tea form work wonders. But that is just me.

This is too perfect…I am gonna Rant like M? fuc-- M!

YOGA??? Massage!!! A Hot Bath. Pamper yourself!
This has got to be the perfect segway to the introduction of YOGA

I mean as T-man and wemon we all know stretching causes micro trauma and thus creates greater definition RITE!!! Definition is good!

The healing properties of touch have only begun to be understood on a mass level!As hard as we push our body’s, and the amount of compression we place on our structure, jarring, pressing and pushing it to the limit.

Can we not see the value in taking 30 min to say thank you to our muscles, and nerves systems? While we listen to the sounds of Prong “Snapping fingers and Snapping necks!” or my Rage Against The Machine ?Killing in the Name OF? Programming our muscles with anger while we train them.
Go for a massage and Stretch. Be kind to your body.

We walk around with every day things causing us stress. Relationships gone aerie, financial instability, trying to ensure your son gets enough protein and EFA’S on a daily base even when Grandmas is the one prepping the meals, just driving home with the Marshal’s music about why Slim Shady is not Superman Bitc- so shut up and suck my Dic-!

Then we through in some synthetic Testosterone just to insure we are always on the edge. Ready to rip the head off the local pasture when he gives you a disapproving look after seeing us at the Albertson?s sporting the “Testosterone” shirt.

Our bodies will hold in our frames all the emotions we experience through out the day.

As if that is not enough we on a daily ritual subject our shoulders, backs, hams, and gluts to extensive stress all in the name of gains. Then we walk around with out cooling down, or stretching having to numb our self to the pain/ and limit in range of motion we feel the next day, but like that should have anything to do with our over all mood? Naaa lets just take some pills and suck it up!

So before adding in any more chemicals or herbs I would try to listen to your body!
It is begging you to help it!!!
And that?s why we all train rite? To improve our temples and quality of life!

Instead of suppressing the symptoms maybe take some time to look at why your so on edge? Just a suggestion…
I only want to help.

What are the symptoms you are having?
Are you consuming excessive amounts of caffeine/ ephedrine?
Is you body fat% low, maybe use a little more EFA?s of the fish family to help replace DHA, and EPA you may have over trained, leaving your brain hungry for fat.
Try not to have any caffeine past 4pm at the latest.
If it is just your nature to be a bit wound up then as far as herbs go you must be careful!
Here are a few known to help with nerves:

1)Rhodiola! All the WAY BABY!!! :0)
By far this is one of the best herbs out there. And I hope to see it get more attention!!! Solgar has a 60mg bottle, and Soloray makes one that comes on it’s own or with Siberian Ginseng.
It is an adaptigen and targets the hypothalamus. Helping boost adrenal function with out the “stimulating” and burn out effects from Ephedrine.
It helps regulate sleep patterns, boost sex drive, and counters symptoms associated depression. Among other things.
It just Rocks!!!

Or 5-hydroxytryptophan. Comes from the seeds of the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant.
I like to call it Trip- ta- Turkey!!
Cuse it has the same effect that turkey does. Sleeeeep-y!
It works by increasing the cell?s out put of serotonin.
It is the precurser and should definitely be taken at night 1 hour before bed.
Some take it sublingually.

3)Melatonin: (Liquid is better)
Again this has been ass with some side effects like bad dreams and a feeling of dopyness the next day. Not my choice.

  1. Liquid Valerian root:
    Basically the derivative of Valium.

5)St John’s Wort:
Again like Kava these two have had some bad press as of late. Talks about them being carsonagenic. It is a SSRI in that it increases the availability of serotonin in the synapses, by blocking their reuptake but as well it increases the availability of norepinephrine.

  1. My fav is sleepy time tea :0)~

If you?re open to new ideas try using some homeopathic remedies.
Or Back Flower essences?
Hey they are a bit cheaper and not so harsh on the body as herbs and chemicals. In fact they are being used more and more on infants to relieve ailments because they are successful and safe…
You asked!
Can’t hurt to try!

7)Cocktail any one?

Magnesium: Meyer’s Cocktail!!
Side of B-12 Clean ( no ice )!

An intervenes multi that by passes the GI and is fed straight into your blood stream!!! With a side shot of B-12 and ask for extra magnesium & your laughing! Literally, the magnesium has a calming BUZZ effect. Makes me giggle :0)~ Last: about a week.
Nat. Paths will provide this service and although it is a little costly if you were to do it once a month the difference in cognitive quickness and over all physical performance is wonderful. I can’t belive I forgot this one!!!

Chin Chin~