What does everyone do to relax? I mean drinking yourself into a drunkn’ stupor is fun but that doesn’t help us look good naked. Pot would be out too because that lowers T-levels. I just got through Alternative Pharmacist by Doug Kalman (Issue 171) and he had some herbal recomendations. Anyone actually try what he recomends? Or anyone have their own ideas?


A little while ago, I was going through some pretty stressful times and was searching for a method to unwind. While wandering through Chapters one time, I saw a book on T’ai Chi, a sort of teach-yourself manual. I found it quite relaxing, although I’m sure I was doing some of the moves wrong. I think the key to it was the control of breathing and movement when executing the moves. These days, I find that just going through some deep breathing exercises and stretches really relaxes me. Open up a window and let fresh air in (I live right beside a forest - not so good if you’re in the inner city). You may also want to try burning scented oils (sounds pretty fruity, but it works)…go to the BodyShop or someplace like that and they’ll point you in the right direction. Good luck!