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Relaxing On Calorie Intake... WTF!?

Okay so I have passed all of the goals in a much faster time than I ever thought I would, so I figured it would be a nice little reward / plus a needed break to relax for the next 2 three weeks on the training and eating. Most people say its good to take a week or so off every now and then, so I figured I would just do light weight for a couple weeks or something and go fewer days a week.

I am going from a 5 day split to something like…

Chest / tri’s
Back / Bi’s

Anyhow the problem is eating. I also planned on relaxing a bit on my caloric intake instead of the super bulk I have been doing. Like just trying to maintain for the next few weeks. HOWEVER, it seems like if I try to eat like a normal human being Breakfast/Lunch/dinner maybe a shake or two. Not huge meals either. I ALWAYS get a headache during the day. I feel really lethargic, generally just like crap. Like I’m just flat and … hell I dunno really how to explain it except for the headaches.

I’m still getting around 230 grams of protein (bodyweight of 220) and somewhere around 3000k sometimes a little less but not much.

It seems like the time between lunch/dinner I always get a headache, but then as soon as I eat a big meal it goes away. Before I was getting way more, closer to 450-500 grams of protein and sometimes 5000 calories.

I think spreading my meals out later in the day will solve it, I just wanted to hear other peoples opinions on this.

Is it possible that my body is getting used to eating so much that its starting to need the extra nutrients or something?

Drink more

Isn’t that a 3 day split?

[quote]xXxBiKeRxXx wrote:
Drink more[/quote]

I second this. I’ve been having headaches recently, but drinking down about 16oz of water seems to make it dissipate.