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Relax into Stretch

What’s the consensus on Pavel Tsatsouline around here? What do you guys think of the strategies outlined in his stretching book and the exercises?

Zulu, T-Nation wrote an article on the guy. I think he’s a contributor (or will be) to the T-Jack Forum. There has also been a fair amount of discussion about him or his programs or about kettlebells on the forum. Try doing a Search on articles and forum, both.

I’ve read all of Pavel’s stuff and even attended one of his seminars.
Personally, his stuff, particularly his stretching and abdominal methods are the best I’ve ever used. I had serious lower back problems and I used Ian King’s Stretching Video. It worked but I my flexiblity wasn’t the greatest. When I switched over to Pavel’s Super Joints and Relax into Stretch my flexibility skyrocketed. The techniques I learned in those books, I use on myself and with my clients and friends. They are all blown away with how well they work.

As for the Power to the People, it’s also fantastic too. Drove my bench and deadlift up with minimal time invested.

As for the infamous kettlebells: they and the George Foreman rank among the best money I’ve ever spent. I spent two years under the tuteledge of Steve Maxwell, a friend and associate of Pavel’s, and I got in the best all around shape of my life using primarily kettlebells.

Obviously, I can’t say enough about his stuff. His methods definately have their place but they’re not the end all be all.

yeah i agree with robert, i use many of the techniques outlined in relax into stretch and find them to help with my flexibility.