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Relative Strength

I’m competing in olympic taekwondo and have reached the weight I need for my competitive weight class. More weight is bad for me because then I will face taller players and that’s bad for me.

My question is, what’s best for relative strength training?

Lower volume, higher intensity (i.e. load), lower reps, higher frequency. This is one situation where Pavel’s Power to the People program might be highly beneficial. The whole concept of the program is “bulk-free” strength and increased neural efficiency, keepign the trainee as fresh as possible. Check it out, may be just what you are looking for.


The above poster is right about the “Power to the People”. Here is a link to Pavel’s site.

The main thing for relative strength is to make sure you find the right amount of calories that will allow you to stay at the same weight but keep gaining strength. I think low reps, volume, and high frequency would be ideal for you. Along with using lots of speed work.