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Relative Strength Race

Hi everyone!
This is my first post but I?ve lurked here a for a few months now.
I?m just coming off a long cutting phase that took me from a porky 120 kg to a relatively lean 95 kg(at 183 cm).
I?ve always cared more about how much I lifted than how I looked - and bulking on junk food did give me a 200 kg bench, a 250 kg deadlift, a 250 kg full back squat(all strict gym lifts with a belt) but also a huge gut!
Now that the gut is gone I want to get back into heavy lifting but I?m going to focus on relative strength now as I figure this will motivate me to watch my diet.
After a 10 month layoff(due to a pec injury and lack of motivation) I?ve been back in the gym for a couple of months now.
The goal is to bench 2xbwt and deadlift 3xbwt - I?m sure there are other lifters on this forum with the same goal so if you want to join the Relative Strength Race - feel free to post your progress here!(doesnt matter if you compte or not) Stay strong.

thats supposed to be compete, not compte

I havent started benching yet, just inclines, did 4x135 kg last workout. My best incline(45 degree) is 1x170 kg, done after benching, but that was at 120 kg.
As far as deadlifts go, i did 13 reps with 170 kg last week, but im probably gonna switch to 5x5 for my next workout(tomorrow).

Hope to see some more lifters join in!

Just to clarify, this isnt a race for 2xbwt bench or 3xbwt DL - those are just my personal goals based on what i think im capable of.
Our numbers will differ depending on traing history, genetics, if youre natural or not, use powerlifting equipment or not, male or female, height, levers etc. I want all kinds of lifters to post regardless if the goal is to deadlift 1xbwt or bench 3xbwt or whatever.

I just think relative strength is a great way to measure progress in the gym.

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