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Relative Leg vs Back Strength in the Squat

JTS has come out with some vids on this topic where most lifters fall into either having relatively strong back vs legs or vice versa and presents in a certain squat style and weaknesses to target.

It’s a bit tough to diagnose yourself but I think I’m looking like a weak back vs legs guy. Does that look right to you guys?

Which of the two categories do you fall into or even neither?

I would say so.

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While it’s not as leg dominant as an Olympic WL squat or a bodybuilder squat, it looks pretty leg dominant by PL standards which is the subforum we’re in.

You’ve got the elevated heels. A narrow stance. Your hips stay close to your center of gravity (about the middle of your shoe) which gives them mechanical advantage while your knees travel far foward which decreases mechanical advantage which means that the knee extensors have to work harder.

With a ‘back’ dominant squat, the back doesn’t so lift the weight but the work of the back muscles increases because of the more horizontal back angle. The muscles of the hips and hams are primarily doing the actual moving. I just thought I’d put this out there in case someone meanders into this thread and mistakes what a back dominant squat is.