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Relative Beginner Questions

I’ve been into lifting in general for a few years now, with varying degrees of intelligence and consistency, and fairly recently, about 3 months ago, I decided to start an olympic lifting routine. The routine was 3 days a week for 12 weeks, I will be entering the final week in a few days and have absolutely fallen in love with the lifts. I feel like I’m really starting to get my technique to the point where it’s fairly consistent and solid, considering I have no access to coaching.

I have a bodyweight of 150 lbs and my bests are 245 clean, 155 snatch, 160 power snatch (intended to be a full snatch just ended catching it high enough i only had to half squat), 270 front squat and 325 back squat (from before I started the routine so definitly lower now). Since I’ve decided to continue my dedication to weightlifting, I have a few questions I’d like to be answered. First what is the relation between the jerk and the clean? I can comfortably clean 100 kilos for 2 does that mean that I should be able to clean and jerk it?

Next regarding my front squat, I haven’t really been able to increase my max all that much despite doing it 3 times a week, every time I attempt over 270 my back caves. Could i fix this through an exercise like romanian pulls? And finally I recently turned 19 and by this time next year I’d like to be at a 200kg total, is this an unrealistic goal?

Why are your squats lower now?!

No real relation with the Clean and Jerk. There is a ‘rough’ relation in that you should be able to CJ at least your 3-5RM Front Squat… I can’t even CJ 150 when I can FS for 6reps but I can Clean 165 and FS 180. I’m a much better Cleaner then I am at Jerking. But yeah being able to Clean something for 2reps should mean you should be able to Jerk it in most cases but thats not a general rule of thumb in my 12yr experience.

3RM ~ CJ is a good rule
Sn ~ 80-85% of your CJ

What sort of routine have you been doing for your squats? There are many ways to increase your squat. Depending on your experience and level of training that would dictate what to do. You got a video?

It’s very reasonable to hit 200 by this time next year but it’ll be a lot easier get a coach or get some coaching. Learning on your own would be very tough I’d imagine. I had a coach for the first 5yrs of training and I know enough to train myself and coach others.

First thing is to keep doing the full lifts. DO NOT DO THE POWER LIFTS. This will only make it much harder to learn the full lifts properly. You should never power a lift that you did not mean. It just means your technique isn’t dialed in yet.


Thanks for the reply. I just assumed that my back squat would be lower since I went form back squatting 3-4 times a week to once. Routinewise I’ve been front squatting on monday and friday and back squatting wednesday. Coaching sadly isn’t really an option for me right now as it’d take about a 4-5 hour drive just to get to an actual weightlifting gym. I’ve definitly been trying to take your advice on the power lifts, for about 3/4 of the routine I only power snatched just cause mentally I couldn’t get myself to drop under the bar, recently tho I’ve gotten past that mental block.

Here’s a video of me back squatting 315 and attempting 330, don’t have video of the 325.

330 attempt