Relationship Between Power/Squat Variations

-RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN POWER LIFTS AND FULL SQUAT LIFT NUMBERS; is it normal to have better power number numbers than full squat numbers? I Front Squat less than I can power clean (powercleaning 110kg) and I can Power Snatch 70 but lose the bar after a few reps if I try to overhead squat with just the bar

-RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CLEAN AND JERK: is it normal to have a clean way in advance of what can be jerked or push pressed (powerclean 110kg but canâ??t push press or jerk 75kg). I donâ??t really understand where the strength to put things overhead comes from; presumably a lot of it is upper body but people dopâ??t talk about their military or bench press numbers on this forum.

-What is the relationship between numbers for standing overhead press versus push press and jerk (I overhead/military press 60kg but canâ??t push press 75kg)

-Whatâ??s the normal relationship between clean and snatch numbers â?? 80%??

-How about deadlift versus powerclean numbers: Iâ??ve heard 60-66%

-It must be said though that I just dabble in the power variants of the olympic lifts (been lfiting weights for 8 months now and powercleaning from the start), with appalling technique, and I have some major imbalances (weak quads and weak upper body)

There are plenty of ratios

C&J 100%
Snatch 80% of C&J
PS is 80% of your Snatch IF YOU HAVE ROCK SOLID TECHNIQUE, you WILL NOT say PS 100kg and then think you’ll magically Snatch 120Kg. If you put in another years worth of training you may be able to Snatch 120Kg

These will vary by 2-3% depending on how tall you are and if you have any freakish strengths in one lift over another. Buy your only Snatching 70% of your C&J you got big issues with your Snatch technique and it needs more work.

9yrs ago in my first comp 9yrs ago I did 35/45 :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s rare to find a lifter that can PC more then they can squat clean. This points to a lack of technique/ practice on the full lifts. When I say lifter I mean someone that competes and trains the full lifts. It’s fairly usual for beginners/ people that don’t compete to POWER lift more then their squat versions because they DO NOT PRACTICE it enough. Simple as that.

Typically athletes will be able to PC more then they can front squat due to them not front squating much and or limb lengths makes a big difference. OR they poor 1st pull = rubbish 2nd pull and lack of technique training in the full lifts.

Your moderately low PS relative to your PC shows a lack of overall technique but your a beginner with your own imbalances so thats fine.

I’d say for MOST people they can Clean more then they can Jerk. The Clean is an easier lift for most as the bar path is very similar to the Snatch if not the exact same. The Jerk is the ‘foreign’ lift as nothing in the OLift is similar to it. Of course you get some guys that can Jerk more but they are not the norm.

It’s not strength to put it over head. It’s power and technique. A lot of guys can lock out weights over head but if it’s limit and in front it’ll drop to the floor. It’s all about getting limit weight over head and being able to stand still with it.

It is not upperbody strength. You don’t press the weight up their. You ‘throw it up’ there with your legs. Your arms extend but they extend to hold it there.

Some lifters will MP and Bench Press. Some have rubbish MP but a sick Jerk. some a sick MP but a moderately poor Jerk relative to it as they are muscling it up. But a good lifter will always have a fast Jerk lock out due to the power they generate from their legs.

I can’t comment about MP vs push press and Jerk. But you’ll be able to Push Press more then you can Military Press.

DL vs PC no one comments on as most people will DL in a way that is not applicable to the PC or Clean. Their shoulders are behind the bar their back isn’t perfectly straight with the natural arch.

My lifts FYI:

BW: 90kg
Snatch 117 :116 in comp @ 83.5kg
C&J 145 : 142 in comp @ 83.5kg
PC&PJ: 130
PS: 95 : probaby my weakest number but I haven’t tested in years, going to test tonight
FS: 160
BS: 187
DL: 200
MP: 83
BP: 135

I think Ive pushed pressed 95kg? Not sure if I’ve done more or not.

If your tall your squat numbers will be a bit skewed also, unless your 105 or 105+