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Relationship Between Muscle Recovery Time and Soreness?

Hi Christian,

What is the relationship between muscle recovery time and soreness?

If protein synthesis stays elevated 24-30 hours after a workout, why can you be sore from a workout much longer than that? Can it mean that you had a net reduction in tissue?

Are there other recovery processes that come into play except muscular recovery and avoiding the desensitization of beta adrenergic receptors? If 30 hours has passed since the last session and there is no “adrenal fatique” is one ready to train again?

Not necessarily. Soreness can linger when the inflammatory process is extremely high. It can lingers to some extent even when the muscle has been repaired.

But it could indeed mean that you have not finished repairing the injury. It doesn’t mean that you will lose muscle, you can still repair the damage but a much much slower rate. But it makes it more likely that you will lose muscle as a result (especially if you train the muscle again too soon).

Glycogen replenishment, neurotransmitter production, central fatigue recovery, etc. But normally these actually occur faster than muscle repair.