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Relationship Between Insulin-Like Growth Factor and TRT?

So I just received the following result which was delayed from my blood test a couple of weeks ago:

Insulin Like Growth Factor 287 (74-227 ug/L)

What does this mean when it’s high?

I’ve reduced my T cyp IM dosage from 40mg EOD to 32mg EOD 2 weeks ago because my levels were really high. Will lowering T lower this automatically? I’ll do some research but if anyone here has any experience with this, please reply.

thank you in advance,

It is a good thing having that high igf-1 (as long as you don’t have cancer at the moment).

Most people that use low dose GH aims for having that high igf-1

Am 43. My igf was also about 10-20 points higher over range.

TRT often raises IGF-1 levels a bit. I don’t think it is all that substantial for most. Mine went up about 20 points IIRC.