Relationship Between Ester and Aromatization?

Is there any relationship between ester length and aromatisation?

I see people saying shorter esters aromatise less and longer more?

But I’m thinking of micro dosing test undecanoate (Nebido) which I have read a lot of guys have good reports with splitting up dose instead of the terrible prescribed protocols.

I’m just worried as longest ester might it aromatise more?

Aromatization is highly individual, but I suspect that dosing protocol has more to do with the variations than esters (though I do believe they play a role). 100mg of test prop will aromatize more (and faster) than 100mg of test u because there’s more actual testosterone in it and it’s a quick release. But one shot of test prop per week will result in less aromatization than one shot of test u because now time becomes a variable. By day four the test prop is basically gone, thus aromatization has ceased. But with the test u it’s still going. So do we care about cumulative e2 or do we care about transient e2 within X number of days of your shot?

As far as microdosing test u, it’s not a bad idea as long as ‘microdose’ is being used very liberally here. If your dose is 100mg/w then just take the test u once a week. Any more frequently than that is just unnecessary.

Yea this makes a lot of sense and how you described it I think is very good.

I always seen people saying that shorter eaters aromatised less but never really understood the logic.

How you have described makes sense as shorter esters release quicker and testosterone can aromatise etc.

Testosterone undecanoate stays in system longer so I think it might suit my low shbg I hope.

That was my only concern as it’s longer peak so more aromatise activity

It’s more cumulative activity, but that’s not necessarily bad. Let’s give a total value of 100 units of aromatization (not a real thing, but let’s pretend). Now 100 units divided by two weeks is a lot more than 100 divided by seven weeks. Still the same total amount, but spread out it’s not so bad. Test U should be better for you wrt aromatization because the process happens more slowly and therefore it’s more manageable. It mimics the body’s release of testosterone more closely than something like test prop. If you’re on Nebido and plan to change the dosing protocol to something not dumb (like the one the manufacturer suggests) then you should be just fine. Once weekly should be stable, should not result in any real e2 issues (unless your dose is too high) and is likely to make you feel better over time.

Started this week so shall report on here how it goes.

Could never get dialled in on any protocol I was on Testosterone Enanthate, 3.5 days by bloods were stable but I didn’t feel stable, I had no energy.

Went to EOD and initially felt better for a few weeks then bloods came back too high even though I reduced my dose.

So when my Endocrinologist said they I could inject Nebido from home I thought this might be the best solution for me, fingers crossed.

It may take a long time to build up though but I’m hoping as I switched from another testosterone I won’t notice those effects.

You can front load Nebido pretty easily to accelerate the time before hitting stable levels. What’s your dose and what is the schedule for taking it?

Apologies in delay, I’m doing 100mg week.

Just don’t know what to be doing.