Relationship advice

I feel like an authority now with all the bad relationships that i have had. But i can think back to all the ones i have had that were pretty good. In all those cases the girls didnt have extra drama, didnt freak out over small stuff, and was very generous towards me. And these relationships had few fights and were very enjoyable. Now the ones that were just bad were the ones where the girl always seemed to be in some kind of crisis. Something was always wrong and something always had to be saved. You do everything for them but they are never happy and it always feeling like you should do more. My recent girl was like this and it was emotionally exhausting. A friend of mine who barely graduated high school once gave me two pieces of advice that were the best ever. 1. A little bit of bitching is too much. 2. If its always something, its always gonna be something. Meaning if it seems as if its always something, thats the way its always gonna be. And who wants to live like that.

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