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Relationship Advice

I’m sure that this has never happened to anyone but here goes:
I had a great relationship with a HOTTIE. Best sex, fun just kicking it… We broke up a few times and finally I sealed our third breakup by having sex with someone she knew (and didn’t like). Needless to say, she hadn’t talked to me for five months until recently. I called her (my first attempt at contact) and she called me back. We talked, she came to see me at a 5K race and another event she knew I’d be at. At the second event, I asked her if she wanted to hook back up and “kick it.” She said that she has some issues to work through but as soon as she does she wants to hook back up.
She’s not the people pleasing-say-yes-because -I-want-you-to-like-me type. I want to know if anyone has any experience in this area that they could share. And if you tell me to go out and fuck someone else I reply that I’ve done this extensively and I’ve still got feelings for her.
I’m open to any suggestions.

This is a tough one, bro. I was in a similar situation. Trophy girl, whole nine yards, great sex, dirty, fun, but I had the chance to go back after about 3 months, and for some reason I didn’t. I soon met someone else who is a much better person, and althogh the sex wasn’t as good initially, it is way better now. i did however, have one last hate sex session with the ex. it was well worth it!!! if you really love her go for it, but once you cheat, it is probably going to happen again. good luck!!!