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relation between IGF 1 and DHT

I read that high levels of growth hotmone and IGF 1 increase the chance of getting prostate cancer. Is this because they increase the amount of DHT produced by the body? I remember an article in Ironman magazine in which it was claimed that growth hormone and IGF 1 in particular increase 5 alpha reductase levels. Is this true?

One reason, I believe, is that the growth hormone fuels nascent cancer cells. But I’m not a MD, nor do I have any references.

I do not believe that igf1 causes cancer, but it is “fuel for the fire.”

There has been at least one study where mice were given cancer, and put on a calorie restricted diet. The cancer immediately stopped growing. Then when they added igf1 injections the cancer resumed growth.

It was known that calorie restricted diets reduce instances of cancer, and now it is believed that the diet causes a reduction in igf1 which the cancer uses as a signal to grow.