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Relar's Log, End of Cycle Started Pct. Info/Help Welcome

Hello guys! after reading all this post’s and this good informations i decided to share my exprerience
with you to help me or help someone else with my case.

First off all i would like to thank evryone for the great stickies specially ksman.

I am 26years old my name is Dimitris and this was my 3rd cycle. Before i start this cycle i was already supressed
from another cycle i did 1year ago

pre cycle bloodworks (1year after previous cycle)

LH:0.89 range 1.5-9.3mui/ml
FSH:1.45 range 1.4-18.1
Total testo: 124.09 range 241-821 ng/dl
Free Testo:9.90 range 50-210 pg/ml
e2:26.50 range 11.6-41.2pg/ml

t3:0.818 range 0.8-2 ng/ml
t4: 6.01 range 5.1-14.1 μg/dl
tsh:2.68 range 0.27-4.2 mUi/ml

Went to endocrinologist and suggested me 20mg tamoxifen for 3 months, or i could go for another cycle to fix my self cause i was at army for 9 months and took 14kg with 35%bf and went 100 kg ,
since like he said it can’t be any further suppresion.

So i started another cycle for 15 weeks

week 1-5 500mg cypionate per week +250mg deca per week + 30mg dianabol 5days per week for the first 4weeks
**week 6-12 50mg suspension eod+ 1ml winstrol 3 per week **
week 12-15 50mg suspension eod+1ml winstrol 3per week +40mg oral winstrol + oral anavar
and from week 4 anastrozole 1eod (which keep my e2 in cycle at 28)

the experience was great in whole cycle , super strength good Pumps Up libido extreme and with strict diet 1400calories-1600calories per day i manage
to drop at 10% and lose only 9 kilos so now i am 91kg with 10%.

i last pinned at saturday 1/10/16 and at monday 3/10/16 did another bloodwork

Total testo: 743.19 range 241 - 827 ng/dL
free testo :308 range 50 - 210 pg/m
(SHBG): 2.53 range 11 - 80 nmol/L
e2: 44.50 range 11.6 - 41.2 pg/mL
**LH: < 0.07 range 1.5 - 9.3 mUI/mL **
(FSH): < 0.30 range 1.4 - 18.1 mUI/m
HDL: 13 range > 35
LDL: 132 range 88 - 188 mg/dL

After everything i ve read here i dicide to follow ksman cause from everything other ive read or listen , i think he is right so i started my pct.

i started at 10/10 hcg 500iu e3d with 0.25mg anastrozole e3d
i will keep that for 9 shots its about 4 weeks and i will go for bloodworks to see if my testes are working.
after that if everything going good i will start Tamoxifen 20mg perday for 4weeks then i will do bloods again
if everything working i will start tapering tamoxifen for 2 weeks. i will keep anastrozole till then +1week more for E2 rebound and then i will do bloods again.
**OCT supplements: protein whey hydrolised,vitE 1000iu per day, multivitamin, l carnitine, 10g bcca+10gr glutamine, 3000iu vitD3,2g Vit C split in day, pre workout (nitrium) ,fish oil and after hcg ends **

i will start tribulus with zma for 20days. MY diet is exactly the same i did in cycle , i do 5 days workout +30mins low intensity cardio 130-140pulse per min every day after workout.

Till now 2 weeks after last suspension+winstrol pin and 1 week with hcg/anastrozole i am feeling good got morning wood i have sex almost everyday , my balls are hanging out and they are bit bigger , i

havent lost any strenght i look more lean , but i feel some pain in joints. everything else its good.

I will post as much as i can, for more details. Also feel free to correct me everywhere cause i want to do this right. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: sorry for long post

still everything goes good dont feel any change at all except muscle tone i am a bit smaller but its in acceptable range :slight_smile: only thing i feel like e2 going up and i want to ask @KSman what i can do to reduce them ? should i take more anastrozole? or have to change something? tomorrow i will have bloodworks to confirm it…thank you in advance

I suggested labs in the sticky to be done during restart. At a minimum you could test E2 to refine anastrozole dose.

t3:0.818 range 0.8-2 ng/ml
t4: 6.01 range 5.1-14.1 μg/dl
tsh:2.68 range 0.27-4.2 mUi/ml

TSH should be nearer to 1.0, the ranges are useless.
T3 and T4 should be near mid-range or a bit higher. Both are low.
This may be because you are not using iodized salt.
Please check oral body temperatures to evaluate your thyroid function.
Read the thyroid basics sticky.
Better labs are: TSH, fT3, fT4 [not T3, T4]

Where are you located?

You should be very careful with E2 in the future.

SHBG is very low and that is associated with problems and some other medical problems.
What other health problems do you have?

HDL is horrible.

tomorrow getting blood-works after 2 weeks of restart, wanted to have some time to have a clear view!

These values are before i start my cycle (the one i shared at the first topic)[quote=“KSman, post:3, topic:222531”]
Where are you located?
I am from Greece :slight_smile:

I dont have any health problems SHBG is low cause i tested it 1 day after last shot of Testosterone suspension+winstrol which indicate that there are still in my system which is logical cause only 1 day passed…Same goes with HDL its suppressed from my cycle…

thanks for the response !!! i really appreciate any advice from you!

Done with my blood works after 4shots of hcg and 0.25anastrozole e3d.

testosterone 175 range 241-827
e2 40 range 11-41.2
fsh 0.70 range 1.4-18.1
lh <0.07 …
these done 72hours after hcg shot. @KSman can you suggest anything ? thank you

Can you respond re iodized salt?
Sea salt does not contain iodine. Sea water does contain iodine.

i didnt used iodizes salt, i bought yesterday some to use like u suggested :slight_smile:

See the thyroid basics sticky.

Iodine in salt is a maintenance amount, you should find something stronger to replenish iodine stores. You may find 0.5 or 1.0mg kelp supplements but those are barely enough.

Check your body temperatures and track while taking iodine.

@KSman today ive checked 3 times was at 36,3-36,7 temperature… also should i change something with hcg and anastrozole? i posted my labs before

Need temperature when you wake up to see how low it gets and mid-afternoon to see how high it gets.

How much hCG and how often? - 500iu E3D + ,25mg anastrozole
Maybe not enough time for testes to recover physical form and function.
12 days is not much time

@KSman thank you for responding! i was working to much this week :frowning: i ve talked with old bodybuilder endocrinologist and suggested me cause my supression at HPTA is from steroids i used 1month ago to up my hcg at 2000iu every 72 hours for 15days check to see my TT if its over 400 if it there continue 15 days more if its more to reduce 1500iu and if lower to go at 2500iu for another 15days and said that my e2 is short term problem but i can use 0.50 anastrozole every 3days too to lower them a bit…