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Rejected From a Group Because of Your Muscles?


I personally have never been rejected to any group at all... Mainly because I don't have super huge muscles that would scare people away. Heck, I'm just the average flabby teen who's just a little bit stronger than the average gym idiot... (maybe weaker....)

I wanna know if you freaks (mainly the veiny bodybuilders and huge powerlifters in here) have been somewhat rejected by a social group due to your "freakiness". Did someone ever tell you your thighs are to thick? ETC?


I wanted to go paragliding once but was too heavy.

That's about it.


but no dude, people arent going to exclude yu from a group because you have big muscles, if anything you'll be the guy in the group ppl look to for direction because theyll see you as the "Alpha" lol

the thing that will get you excluded tho, is not having any personality, or just being lame in general


Not until I started roid-ragin'

Then they wuz all..."woah betch stepp off"


i get treated with more respect and people are nicer to me now.

went in stages though.
around 160 or so no one noticed me
200s I got messed with alot, I got the stares from guys and the guy that wanted to walk up and ask me if i had a problem when i was minding my own business.
you know the ones that were intimidated even though there is no reason to be so they have to act all tough and stuff.

then when I got 270-300 and now at 315 no one messes with me people are nice to me for the most part.

I was with my buddies the other night and they was drunk and my best friend said something about "its alright got the guard dog here" talking about me.
why i have no idea but seems like people I know look to me as the back up now.

I also get asked to lift heavy things alot.
like i get called to help move a fridge
my mom wants the washer taken outside so she calls me over
at work I get called over to bend things and stuff when someone else cant that type thing
excluded? no my "in between phase" I was excluded quite a bit though


my name is dan. and people call me "danimal" at work.

i weigh a little over 200lbs.




Yup - PETA wouldn't let me in. :slightly_smiling:


i know there is a penis muscle and vagina joke in there somewhere....


....hmmm....silently wondering in my head if I'm qualified to answer this....Nevermind.


WOW, that's quite a change. How tall are you? You either were super lanky stick or now a ball of refined muscle lol.


I wanted to go skydiving but I was too heavy for the parachute. If I remember correctly I was around 240, and for a tandem jump I could not be over 225. Kinda bummed about it but I got over it quick.


I find I don't get rejected but I do notice a lot more people make comments about things:

  1. Steroids come up a lot... happen to 'randomly' come up. Lots of "I know a guy who took steroids and..." and steroid jokes like "stop taking steroids mike, you look huge"

  2. My constant eating. People say I'm a garbage dump but I keep telling them I don't eat crap, I eat good food.

  3. Younger crowd often comments on my size. examples: "Remind me to never pick a fight with you", "Dude your arms are freakin' massive", "Come with me and my gf to [insert social event here]. You can be my body guard. [suit/tie, sunglasses and earpiece jokes here]"

  4. The famous "Use those big muscles" always comes up when I am asked to lift or open something.

  5. I also find a lot of people are more aware of what they eat. Especially females. They will say 'I really shouldn't eat this. It has xx calories... right Mike?" This is followed by "The sooner you eat it, the sooner you can burn it off" with a big smile as I reach for more almonds.

  6. Lastly, people always say you're 'going to get too big'

I'm sure all of you had experienced one.. if not all of these.


Sometimes I intimidate people with my dick.


...Until she turns the lights on and realizes you're holding something else.



Everyone calls me Double R for Roid Rage, even though I'm natty, but it stuck anyway. People seem to like the aggression and size as long as it's not being directed toward them.


im more of a ball of not so refined muscle.
I carry quite a bit of fat but at the same time I am pretty solid if that makes sense
I am close to 5'10" pretty short and round but I prefer stocky lol
40in waist wear 42/30 with a belt for comfort 5xl shirts I dont take measurements so I am unsure of my chest its 50 something I think
19 inch arms blah blah boring really dosent mater
typical fat kid type thing

the change wasnt a small one or a fast one, was 160 in freshman year high school 14-15 years old.

was low 200s in my early 20s after dirty eating and such I gained about another 20 - 30 pounds in a few years
drama,life and such happened and I gained a bit more

now for whatever reason I am 300+ and in the teens of body fat.
not impressive by any means I just like staying strong is all.
havent been real serious with training for a long while I just enjoy myself.
should be interesting when I actually get back to busting my ass in the gym again.


I am interested in what social group is kicking people out the moment they look really muscular....aside from the average police department.

If anything, I get "you clearly understand discipline based on what you've done with your body" or something to that affect at job interviews.


I was kicked out of my quilting club due to my ginormous musculature.