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Reishi Mushrooms

Supposedly Poliquin uses reishi mushrooms with his athletes. Do you know what they are used for?

Also, what would the dosing strategy be for best results?

Cortisol suppressant. You’ll can find a little discussion on this topic in the “Poliquin-style Diet Support Group” thread.

In short, Poliquin believes that dosing strategies (both dosages and timing) are very individualized, and thus recommends a personal consultation with him or one of his associates after the appropriate lab work. You didn’t expect CP to give the info away free, did you?

I had a conversation via e-mail with Dr. Serrano about reishi extract: he said a starting dose of roughly 200mg of the extract per day should give me an idea of how it works for me. I was 210 9% at the time. I never tried it, so I can’t comment on the effectiveness.

I think the mushrooms take the taste of D-bol out of their mouths.

There both full of shit.I have spoken to “interns” of both of these guys and none of then had a clue about how to take reishi mushrooms or anything else these guys tell you to take.

Who is full of shit? Serrano and Poliquin or me and Eric? I can only speak on what I have read and been told about when it comes to reishi mushroom extract, but Serrano absolutely did e-mail me when I wrote to him about it a few months back.

Poliquin and Serranno are full of it! As to your e-mail conversation with Serrano,how did he reccommend we take this mushroom.I read that according to your physiological make up, age, height, stress levels, what time you went to bed, woke up, muscle fiber type, and what type of periodization program your on will determine how to take this supplement.I believe Poliquin and Serranno know alot about mushrooms, but not of the reishi variety.

 WSTRAINER, are you implying Poliquin and Serrano ...like to get high on mushrooms? lol

I think someone just started a holy war.

WSTRAINER, I am with you on the fact that their knowledge on how to take the extract is a bit sketchy. Although I have talked with Serrano off and on over the past year (and he knows a bit about my lifestyle, stress levels, etc.) he still wasn’t able to tell me much about the proper dosage levels. In his defense though, I suppose if it is based on a number of factors, he might want to check someone out personally before making recommendations. I know he likes to run all kinds of blood tests, etc., on his patients/clients before coming to conclusions on what they need.

BTW, Steve and I already know we’re full of shit. Serrano may own lots of ugly Hawaiian shirts, but he seems to know his stuff in this regard.

Here is my take on the Reishi Mushroom. I had read Charles Poliquin’s interview in Ironmag, where he said:

“No but I should be! (Marketing Reishi Mushroom Extract) [laughs] It really works, and it’s also a very strong antioxidant. I’ve had athletes at 8% bodyfat who only added reishi extract, with no change in diet, and within a month they were down to 6%.”

Now, lets think for a moment of Reishi mushrooms. According to the 1st Edition Prescription for Nutrtional Healing, Reishi Mushroom:

“The reishi mushroom was rated number one on ancient Chinese lists of superior medicines and touted as a substance that would give one eternal youth ans longevity. Both shiitake, and reishie mushrooms have long been used to treat a variety of disorders and to promote vitality. These mushrooms are used to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease, to control and lower cholesterol, to build resistance against viruses and disease, and to treat viral infections and fatigue. Now they are know for there effectiveness in treating cancer.”

Now, Reishi mushrooms might suppress cortisol, or increase insulin sensitivity a bit, who knows? It’s without a doubt that the Reishi mushroom could be a healthy, subtle addition to diet, but it’s not the end all, and be all of supplementation. I take serious issue with Charles Poliquin making the preposterous claim that magic mushrooms have the ability to cut the elite lifter’s bodyfat levels by two per cent, while alluding to not manipulating diet, or caloric expendeture. If you do a little research, nothing points to the mushrooms being ergogenic, so obviously, something is up. Remember, Poliquin has a job to do, and that job is to make money, my making such claims, he does several things. First, he separates himself from the pack, it gets his name out there, and stirs controversy. Secondly, it kind of reminds me of that thread in which someone asked, “I’ve just done a cycle, and I’ve got huge gains, etc. etc. what do I tell people?” Think about it, elite level athletes cutting their bodyfat without caloric manipulations, and a mushroom is doing all the work? That makes my bullshit detector go off, and if ANY of us were to make such a claim, I guarentee you a flame war of which the like you would never forget. In fact, if you were inadvertently eating these mushrooms for a few months you’d lose so much bodfat that death would probably take place.

I guess to finish off, remember, if these Reishi Mushrooms were as effective as Poliquin beleives, there would already be an “MSM Poliquin Smart Blend Reishi Extract With Perfect Ratio Balence Poliquin Series Fatburner.”

Poliquin is a smart guy, arguably the best trainer in North America at this time, and he always knows what he’s doing–even when he espouses super 'shrooms.

To Eric Cressey and Steve, I never said you guys were full of shit if thats what your emplying.as for Serranno,he stll dont know shit.Is this the same Serranno that put a proffessional Powerlifter on a low carb diet?Same guy?Yes!To Sean Illes.In the same Poliquin interview he mentions how a client of his gained like 26 lbs in under 30 days.After reading that I was sure Poliquin must of been part owner of Cybergenics.