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Reintroducing Myself: Full Time T-Man

Hey everyone. Im guessing nobody has a clue to who I am on this site even though I have been a member for years now. I formally posted under the name “thesteve”(shit i was like 16 when I made that name hah). I always lurked, hardly posted. The other forum I belonged to just wasnt me anymore, hence the new image and now that I will be a part of this community full time I wanted to “reintroduce” myself.

Im 21, a student in O-town Florida. Ive been lifting for more than one third of my life now. I picked up my first dumbell at 13 when i started wrestling. I was 98 lbs then. by my senior year I was 150 competing at 145. Im fucking short, probly why I lift weights. I hit college and then i got more into bodybuilding and power lifting. Never competed in anything but anything is possible in the future.

I had a 5 month lay off from the gym that I wont make any excuses for. Jan 5th I got back in the gym. Was a soft 180. Been bulking since and hit 201 a week back(already down to 196 so im guessing I had allot of water and undigested meat im me). Now im cutting till my b-day, june 25, ill post some pics after the cut. After that its clean bulk to 220 for a solid 8 months.

Best lifts, all raw cept for chalk on the deads.
bench-315x1 275x5(the 315 was hit on the same day after 3 sets of 275, going to try for 350 next year)
Dead-495x1 455x3
squat-295x6 310x4

Ive never maxed on a squat and those numbers i guess seem low but I squat till my ass touches my heels.

Well, guess thats it…hello to everyone.


Hey, I also live in the town of the rat. What school do you go to?