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Reinstating the draft

There have been rumbling in Washington lately that the draft may have to be reinstated because our military is streched to thin. I just wanted o get evryone’s opinion on it. I do not like this idea myself. . I love this country and I’m in favor of being in Iraq and Afghanistan but this is taking it too far. If this buzz gets any bigger i may just have to vote for Kerry even though i do not want to my ass does not have to get sent to the fucking desert.

What a little piece of shit your are. You are in favor of the war, but you want someone else to do the dirty work for you? Holy shit.

If you can’t convince the people that a war is worth fighting then you shouldn’t be able to drag them off to fight it against their will. Every time there has been a serious conflict for good reasons the line starts forming at the recruiter’s office and that’s the way is should be.

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There’s already a post on this. RLTW


The military isn’t streched at all right now. What I have heard they are over 100% of what they had last year, 110% I think. I wouldn’t sweat the draft until we have no more reserves to send over.