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Reinserting the Needle?


Well I'm prepping for my first cycle, but a friend of mine is already on, and he had a little problem with his injection today.

Neither of us are experienced injecting IM and he was shooting his today in the quad. When he pulled up to check for blood it turned out he had hit a vessel as a little blood came through. He then pulled out. However, he through the gear away because neither of us knew if you could just reinsert the needle into the proper site and inject the tiny amount of blood along with the gear into the muscle.

Can anyone confirm if the gear is a waste if you do hit a vessel while testing for a vessel? or is the tiny amount of blood harmless being injected into the muscle at a new site?


It is okay for blood to mix with the AAS. I would suggest changing the needle though, as reusing it could lead to infection.


I know quite a few people that never aspirate. Not that im suggesting this practice, I just know it happens. If I come too close to a nerve or draw any blood during aspiration then its just time for a new spot about an inch or so away. Same tip.
Im sure most are this way. However as Schwartz has said it would be slightly better to swap the tip out.


I have hit a vessel before and since I was using oil based gear it is real easy to expel the blood without losing any oil. As for the tip, I didnt change it out but it probably wouldnt be a bad idea.


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I confirm that the gear was wasted. What a waste!

Muscles are much safer than blood vessels to inject into because they are tissues and do not affect critical life function. You can inject air bubbles, oil, blood into them, without too much risk to life.

However, you can't inject oil into a vein, or too much air, although reinjecting fresh blood or filtered fluid is fine.


Its your blood, so that not a problem, But change the pin, first its dull from the first shot, second infection, Shit pins cant get any cheaper !!


Okay quick question relating to this;

I had the same issue where I hit a bad spot, wiped the dart with alcohol and re-injected. Is this an unsafe practice that I shouldn't do again?


Personally I change the dart everytime it touches something - even for a moment - because we are surrounded by billions of tiny bacteria and I don't want to risk an abscess.

Wiping with a swab should be ok. I can't give a professional opinion on this, but my personal preference would be not to reinject with a needle that has touched any surface including the skin, as swabbing the dart may not be 100% effective.

For example, even if you swab the outside, the dart has a hollow tip, in which a small plug of skin invisible to the naked eye gets lodged upon insertion. In this skin plug, bacteria from the skin may also be included. So wiping the outside of a needle does not remove it.

I would put a fresh dart on because they cost me nothing; I'd prefer to change the dart for free, rather than get an abscess and end up losing time and money on medical expenses to treat an infection - not to mention the pain and down time.


100 % agreed !!!! Why even take the chance.


I'm sure you guys are right. I did it without thinking. I missed with the first try so I swabbed it and did it again. Next time I'll change out the dart.


Another thing if your pulling from a vial and useing the same pin thats three times you used it, it would never get through the scar tissue on my ass !!!! I always load up, 150 18 1&1/2g pins ( for pulling ) 150 25g 1 in. pins and 150 23 g 1&1/2 pin & syringe .


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I used to do 1.5" needles for TRT, but don't any more. I inject T IM with insulin needles in my quads to get better hormone level stability. I also inject HCG SQ/SC. I inject both EOD.

I know that many diabetics inject multiple times with a syringe load. So that is what I do. I load and shoot four times before getting new syringes out, swabbing the needle after injections. No problem with needle sharpness or infections. Swabbed skin is still full of bacterial and the immune system deals with this a business as usual. If one had aids or was taking immune suppressing drugs for RA etc, then there could be real risks and all possible measures would be needed.

A nursing study was done to measure white blood cells and other immune components in the blood of diabetics who used new syringes every time vs not and for those who swabbed and those who did not swab. No problems were found and some diabetic nursing groups told patients that they can swab if they want, but that it does not really make any difference. But today with law suits, lawyers would not let anyone say anything like that now.

You don't have to agree with what I am doing, but it is an alternate perspective. I have never had any signs of inflammation.

If there is "plug of skin" cored into the needle, that can be injected with every injection.


I agree with what you're saying KSMan. I admit, I have swabbed the needle and reinjected with same needle before as well. I did say that it should be ok to inject twice with a single dart, but as a matter of personal preference, I tend to use a completely sterile one each insertion.

I remember when I had some botox done, and the doctor injected multiple times with the same needle.

But skin and subcutaneous shots, as per diabetics, are easier to deal with infection-wise because they are closer to the surface. The skin is better equipped to deal with bacteria than muscle tissue.

Injecting IM, you are driving something deep into the body and that is where I'd prefer not to take any chances with infection.

The plug of skin cored into the needle, if you reinsert multiple times, you will inject multiple plugs. At least with a single use you only get one.

Having said all that, I still throw caution to the wind sometimes, but maximum cleanness and safety is a matter of preference. It's kind of a psychological thing as well because then at least you know you've taken maximum measures.

I mean, a junkie would pick up a needle off the floor, swab it and stick it in their vein, and 95% of the time probably still not get a bacterial infection (viral ones are another matter). However it's that small percentage of risk factor that counts.

How the hell do you push T oil out of a 29g insulin syringe?


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I take around 100mg/wk of test cyp... quite a typical TRT dose. I over load a .5ml #29 .5" syringe to .56ml. It takes about 4-5 minutes to fill as the boiling point [vapor pressure] of the BA limits the vacuum that can be created to drive the flow. The time to load will last me 8 days of 4 EOD injections of .14ml (28mg).

When injecting, it takes around 10 seconds or less to inject .14ml. With the small piston diameter, high pressures are created and the flow is ok. A 1ml syringe would not work well.


Ever think about back-loading the syring to save time?