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Reinjury Labrum Tear 4 Weeks Post Op


4 weeks ago i had surgery to repair my torn labrum, which wasn’t from trauma but from microtears that added up and gave me some serious instability.I got 2 Anchors in my humerus and the surgery and following rehab with PT and so on went really well.In addition i was taking TB500 5mg a week and some low dose “gear”.I was pain free and i had almost complete ROM except for abduction.I started training my external rotators and was doing pendulum excercises.After 2 weeks post op i hit the gym again and was training the unaffected (left) side.Yesterday i was a little bit stupid and did some RDLs without weight on the bar, which went fine without much pain during the excercise.Before RDLs i also did goblet squats with a 16lbs DB and front squats with an empty bar without any pain.Then i added 40lbs to the RDL which still worked well withou any pain.After the excercise i did a really stupid thing:I was doing the RDL in a half rack and after taking of the plates i cleaned the bar up, frist only with my left arm but the i supported it with the injured side and put it in the rack.After that i got a pretty sore feeling and some kind of mild pain, which felt like inflammtion.

Later the day the pain got a little worse and the night wasn’t that pleasant as well.The next morning my ROM is certainly a little less and the pain is still present but far less that the day before.

Is it possible i reinjured my labrum due to the clean of the empty bar?I know that i shouldn’t train the affected side for at least 2 more months now but, RDLs are bascially isometric for the arm and shoulder muscles, but i’ll ditch them anyways now.

What are indications that i tore something again?Is tearing out the anchors the only possibility to do that or can i still get microtears in the labrum itself?I guess i didn’t tear out any achors, as this would probably give me some kind of a shock or at least a traumatic sensation, or at least some severe pain.