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Reinforcing the Truth


I was watching my favorite bodybuilding movie today, Kevein Levrone is Maryland Muscle Machine. When I was watching his bicep training Kevin goes on to discuss what is needed to be a succsessful bodybuilder and it really hits home on the fact that everyone should lift hard and heavy to gain an impressive physique.

He also discusses how people get confused and are always looking for the quickest way, and everything today is so scientific. I can't say it as good as him so I'll post up a link to it on youtube.

Go to 9 minutes 15 secs on the first tape and it leads into the second tape. Or you could watch the whole thing.


I respect and admire his philosophy of "Im either gonna do the gym thing 100% or Im not gonna be in here" but the fact that he is gay is a new one to me and quite honest I dont know if i'll ever look at him the same again.


He's fucking joking. The guy Mark is his cousin. He's married with a kid.


Good video none the less. Its great to see a vet bring it back to reality especially when alot of guy's cant even imagine 10 years down the road.


I think triple-10set was being sarcastic.


I had never seen or heard of Levrone before watching those videos but I am very amazed by his outlook on the U.S. military and how he uses that to inspire himself in the gym.

Seems like a great guy with his head and heart in the right places.


No I actually wasnt. Im not crazy either. I still believe they are gay lovers, look how "buddy-buddy" they are. And he sais there boyfriends in the first video. And they spend alot of time together ? Whats that about. Im going to go out on a limb here but I think that cousin thing is just a discrete way of confusing people.


I see nothing wrong with having a friend but come on. Austin , and Digity you guys have got to get better at "reading between the lines".


gay guys deffinately make babies

Kevin levrone and wife

Please leave out the stupid remarks.


What does him being gay have to do with him being a good bodybuilder or a good person anyways?


nothing, it's just annoying that triple had to mention both false and irrelevant shit.


I thought it was pretty obvious that he was joking. He's just making fun of the gay rumours that surround bodybuilders. In the second video he mentions that the guys is his cousin. If he meant that literally then he's have gay incest sex. Anyway, I don't think the guy is gay and even if he was I wouldn't care. I think you're taking him too seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe he's just trying to uh... reinforce the truth, as it were.


Well in regards to lifting part of the vid, I believe it defenetly tells people on here that curls are worth it, because he does them ! Alot of people on here have the mentality that curls are for girls.


No, you need to get better at picking up on jokes.


Ironically enough, when Levrone goes on his diatribe about "working hard and sticking to the basics" he is doing an endless set of curls on some dumb machine. This would have been excused by his 100lb dumbbell curls earlier, but he botched the..uh, words? so horrifically while trying to describe 100lb dumbbell curls that I could not stop laughing.

While cool to see him train, Maryland Muscle Machine was one of the most painful bodybuilding videos I have ever watched. For a guy who gets on stage and sings, he seemed extremely awkward in front of the camera. Talking also seemed very....unnatural to ole Kevin.

Regardless, he was/is a beast.


Talking probably is un-natural to Kevin. He spends more time "doing".


When you're that big it's gross. I would never want to be that size. Does anyone?





Yeah, ew, icky and gross!

I guess I had better stop lifting.

Why do people like you come onto this site? I really want to know. What are your goals?