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Was never really sure about it before, but now I believe:

US=GG, your last name isn’t McCarthy by any chance?

Just curious?


You aren’t by any chance anacephalic are you?

Just a gentle, kind, query.

Too funny.

God I love this shit…

Iscariot, how are the Texas Democrats doing? I figured that you above anyone else would know the status of weak willed, sneaky, all talk, no-spine politicians…


I had to look up anacephalic before I could laugh. If I knew how to pronounce it I would use it everyday in conversation.

We waited 4 days for “anacephalic”?

I am a little dissapointed.

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club”

~ Jack London

Since the word phalic is in there I’m guessing it means something about your wanger right? Clarify please thanks. :wink:

Those poor kids aren’t monsters…

US=GG, I missed you.

BradTGIF, i’ll deal with your tragic ass later.

Anacephalic huh? IS this the same thing an anencephalic, the only correlation Cambridge, and Merriam Webster could locate.

I’ll assume it took you so long because the forum is a bitch. If not, it’s a pretty sorry comeback - at least asking if you’re the reincarnation of Senator McCarthy had a bit of style to it.

Anyway, if you want to bandy big words about, may I suggest that your arguments and understanding of other people’s arguments is clearly indicative of anoesis.

That’s TWO new words I’ve learned in 24 hours. And to think, some people say the internet is a waste of time.

iscariot, are you suggesting
that US=GG has had too much acid funk? jus’ kiddin. Like how you don’t beat around the bush, but beat bush down.

Hooray for effectively ending the taxing of corporations! the Bush tax plan passed in the Senate! look for the economy to REALLY take off now.

Man where is the love? Uhmm I had to look up these there big words. Please next time it would be great if you guys could add the definition at the bottom.:slight_smile: Please in the future if you are going to call people names could you refrain from using words larger than four letters.

Here is part of your post.“Anacephalic huh? IS this the same thing an anencephalic, the only correlation Cambridge, and Merriam Webster could locate.”

I dislike wasting wonderful comebacks. I frankly expected a little more from you. It seems you are unable to ascertain the meaning of anacephalic. My God, you have the entire internet to help enlighten you.

Again, with the exception of the time when you said, “The United States are terrorists”, I have enjoyed our exchanges. However, I dislike having to talk down to you. I like my bad guys reasonably educated. If a bad guy is ignorant, I get no satisfaction from besting them. Case in point: lumpy.


I went searching medical dictionaries.
It would seem that your anacephalic and my anencephalic are the same thing, so I guess I can’t be that uneducated huh?

Amazing what you can achieve after failing kindergarten :slight_smile:

Obviously the ‘cephalic’ component was relatively straightforward, the prefix was THE PROBLEM.

Best me, heh! Never.

Senoritas, por favor, no mas. No mas. Mi pobre estomago! Me thinks your both “anaclitic” and that your stimuli is moronic masturbation of elocution. hehehe