Reign Of Fire

Did anyone see this on the big screen? The weekend I was going to see it, it had already gone!

It’s coming out on DVD. Since I love this kind of stuff, I was thinking of purchasing it.

So…what’s the Gang’s critique of the movie?

I had a good time with this movie, despite some plot holes. I’m gettin’ the DVD!

I read one critique which said that by the end of the movie you are rooting for the dragon and wishing the characters kill one another. These were my sentiments too. Rent it & if you like it then spring for the DVD. I just wouldn’t go based on the trailer nor public opinion.


Keep in mind that I LOVE monster movies. I even love when they’re stupid, and don’t pretend to be smart. I just saw Eight-Legged Freaks, and really enjoyed myself.

So far, the two BEST monster movies I’ve seen are Jaws and the american Godzilla. If you allow yourself to get into the movie, the awe these monsters inspired was, er, awesome.

I really enjoyed Reign of Fire. I really enjoyed it walking out of the theatre. When I was thinking about it later in the evening, I realized it was more than just an action fest. There are a couple of questions about biology, but it doesn’t really matter because the heroes have incomplete information.

I’d give it two thumbs up. But there are people out there who didn’t like it. Yep, even in the t-gang.

Saw it in the theater, okay movie that I wanted to like more but could have been much better. The scope of the plot is just too sprawling, they try to cover too much ground. There also aren’t NEARLY enough dragons on screen, for a movie about dragons taking over the world. However there is a 10-15 minute section in the movie where they hunt dragons by airplane, that is SO awesome… I wish the whole thing would have been that exciting. I was actually curious about the DVD because I wondered if a lot of good stuff ended up on the cutting room floor. As I said, the plot was too epic in scope, for the time they had on screen. Maybe some extra scenes would have helped fill it out more. I’d check it out, especially if you wanted to see it in the theaters but didn’t…

Plot-holes? Bah! That was just unexplained biology! {We can’t really debate since “the LION” hasn’t seen it yet!}

In Godzilla people were mad because the lizard was reproducing asexually. “It’s stupid!” they cried.

El, being a biology major, knows that there are lizards that already reproduce asexually, so that point of the movie didn’t even phase him.

Ahhh, so once the Lion has seen this flick - we may discuss! Ohh, but you know of what I speak…when they eventually arrive in London, male/female dragons…

Oh, let me add: that this movie is worth seeing (and IMO, owning), due to the unbelievably beautiful special CGI of the dragons. Especially the one shot of the dragon over the convoy. WOW. Looked like something out of a oil painting. Very luminescent. Man, they got the dragons RIGHT in this pic.

I liked it, though it was more of an atmosphere movie along the lines of night of the living dead, with sparse action scenes to move the development of the characters forward.
Of course we know that the humans will win in the end, driven by the American desire for freedom/independence, although the biology for the victory seems shoddy at best as well as the history for the fall.

It was a decent movie. If you want to waste 90 mins on the weekend and want to watch a movie where thinking is not involved then its better than decent lol. I liked it somewhat even though they had plot holes that I could drive threw with a semi truck. But it gives me assurance that ANY movie can be mad regardless if it is based in science or not. /l Gives me hope that I could write a script myself about a group of scientist who try to change history so that gorvernment mad projects never get created in the first place by stopping the first experiment, the invisibility of a destoryer in the 1940’s. At least mine falls well in the conspiracey lore.

Anti-climatic, but a fun movie.

This movie is definitely a style over substance type flick, which I really like when done right. It could have used just a little more action, but the way it stands right now, it was pretty cool.

People are right, you don’t care too much about the characters. But the action is well-shot, and the setting is awesome. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and will probably buy it.

You can always do the rent-to-own thing at Blockbuster. Thought I have no idea what that entails.

I think Pat. and I were the only ones that really liked it here on the forum, that I recall. I liked it a lot. Matthew M either got his vitamin S or was bigger than I thought to start with. CGI is very good. I will have a copy.

I think it was a great movie. I dno’t know about owning, but it did have great scenes and Pat is right, the dragons were right on.

guys … sheesh, her name is “Patricia” not “Pat”. Do you ever see her refer to herself as “Pat”?

Mufasa, when you say that you “like this kind of stuff” what do you mean? As a monster movie, it’s top-rate. I honestly LOVED it. But it’s not quite what the posters (movie posters) promise. We don’t see a lot of dragons. We don’t see that they’re ‘super intelligent’. It’s kinda like Jurassic Park with dragons. But, I didn’t like Jurassic Park (go figure), but I really, really liked this movie.