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Reicpes For Egg Yolks?


Any suggestions for recipes which use just egg yolks??

I've recently started making protein pancakes (which use egg whites) & I certainly don't want to waste a bunch of perfectly good yolks.

So far I've been saving the yolks and using them the same night (or the next) by pouring them onto a 3-4 egg omelette & I love it.

Also, any idea how long yolks will keep in the fridge without freezing them?


If you are going to eat them eventually anyhow just eat them whole to begin with....


Werd. Just drop 'em like they're hot!

Yolks are mummy!


Thanks mod - I'll have to give that sauce a shot. Might go well with my roo steaks.

The pancakes are a protein & carb meal. 44/34/12 PCF per serving. I'm probably already pushing it a tad by including 2 yolks. If I include 4 more, that'd push things up to 51/34/24 - probably not a great idea.