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Rehnquist Passes Away


Chief Justice William Rehnquist passed this evening.

This opens up another seat for a conservative originalist justice.

I can hear the lefties bitching already.


It would have been easier for Bush not to have two nominees at once. Now, the dems are going to demand that one of the two be a liberal.


You beat me to it.


This shouldn't change the makeup of the court that much. I will however make a special point of knocking up some random girl this weekend and getting her an abortion just in case.


The libs can bitch all they want. But when it comes right down to it, they didn't win the election. If they don't like the fact that Bush gets to nominate succesors to the court, too fucking bad. I'm sick and tired of the dems acting like they won something in 2004. They lost big time, and if they keep this shit up, they're going to lose again big time.

Bush better not drop the ball here folks. This country needs originalists on the court like no other time in our nations history.


Yeah, what he said!


When Bush was reelected I said that he will have a great shot at picking at least two supreme court justices. W

While I am saddened that Justice Rehnquist died (truly a great man), it does afford Bush the opportunity to choose yet another conservative justice.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that he will be picking a woman this time around.

What do you guys think?




I agree that it will probably be a woman as well, ZEB.

My bet is that it is the female judge on the 5th Circuit. I can't remember her name, but I believe she lives in (or used to) NOLA.


Whether or not you agreed with his viewpoint is moot. Rest in peace Rehnquist.


They can make the demand all they want, but given Rehnquist was a conservative (though not necessarily an originalist) they won't be able to make any arguments that a conservative replacement would change the overall balance of the USSC or put any of their favorite made-up Constitutional rights in danger.


I'm just wondering to myself how strong the alliance is among the Gang of 14.

I hope someone is dusting off the "Nuclear Option", and readying it for use. This should be one of the most important lines in the sand we have seen drawn in recent history.




It never went away. And I don't think Frist would hesitate to use it if he had the votes.


I think it was pretty much moth-balled when Cain, Specter, et al made their deal to vote against it.

Hopefully the gravity of selecting a conservative constructionist/originalist will outweigh the strength of the Gang of 14's alliance.

I just don't see 2 USSC Justices getting confirmed without at least the drum beat of the filibuster being struck.

IMO - Frist should be replaced with a pit-bull. He's as ineffective as Trent Lott was.


Rest in peace Justice Rehnquist. He certainly left quite a legacy.

I agree with the statement that the make up of the Court will not change all that much.


John Roberts for Chief Justice?

Some are speculating that Bush will go ahead and nominate Roberts for the CJ position in order to have two confirmations instead of three.


Pat Robertson killed him! He has been praying on TV for another vacancy to pop up on the Supreme Court.


John Roberts was just nominated by Bush to be CJ.