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Reheating Boiled Eggs


Anyone know a way of reheating boiled eggs without them turning into a bomb? Once upon a time when I used to eat lots of eggs, I reheated one in the microwave. As soon as I took my first bite the fucker turned into a bomb, stuff burned my lip badly lol.

any ideas?


Slice them in halves. Heat for one minutes.

You obviously overheated them.

Please tell me you HONESTLY couldn't figure this out. :frowning:

Where am you in NY?


Broskiii I was kidding...sorta....

What are you saying?


I'm saying you either have to heat them for a shorter time or let them cool off.

Where in NY are you from? I'm from Killer Queens.


I made this mistake, too.


I live all the way out East...exit 68 on the LIE


You seen his avatar?? He's from "killer" Queens. He's going to track you down and kill you.