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Rehband for Powerlifters?

I know I just posted a thread about 10 minutes ago but why do so many strongman competitors use Rehband? Why isn’t it seen in powerlifting?

Id say for a bit of support not while just lifting heavy loads but having to be mobile with them etc


exactly what Phill said, if allowed most strongman wear real wraps on deadlift and squat events just like in powerlifting…

full on wraps are a little to constriciting to MOVE with for stones, farmers, etc.

wraps are just about never allowed on elbows where sleeves are

You don’t see them in powerlifting meets because they don’t add pounds to the squat or deadlift. They’re good for keeping the joint warm and helping to prevent injury.

You might not seem them in competition, but you can be damn sure you’d see them in training!

Thanks everybody, it makes a lot of sense now