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Rehband Back Support?


strongmans, powerlifters they usually use Rehband kneesleeves, & elbow support

but i've never seen a man who uses rehband back support

Is there any special reason ?

i need a new lifting belt

so i am on now between rehband back support and other belts (TITAN, INZER, etc...)

please answer me

thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve known a couple strongmen who have worn them. I’m not sure of their reasons, but I know at least one had a history of back pain in spinal injuries so I imagine that has something to do with it. Either way, a neoprene support belt is not going to act the same way or serve the same purpose as a lifting belt. They’re very different things.


A lot of strongman guys use them. They say it helps keep their back warm but doesn’t really provide that much support. All of the guys I know that use them put the soft rehband back support on, then put their normal powerlifting belt on over it. It won’t replicate the way a normal belt performs. It is more of an add-on