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Rehabilitation Cycle


Dynamo Hun said I should make a new thread about this to garner more responses. I originally posted this in the Steroid Newbie Cycle Thread.

Information about me: I'm about to turn 20 this summer (I know that is a big no no, but I cannot live with these problems anymore). I have lots of free time that I am in the habit of using positively, i.e. working out. I walk 4-5 miles a day, I do chin-ups and push-ups for now, and a slew of back rehabilitation exercises. I am not trying to get 'BIG' or lift 'HEAVY'.

I just want to recover from this fucking plague of injuries that is ruining my life. As I mentioned above, I have muscular weaknesses in my eyes (convergence insufficiency) and a herniated discL4-L5 that hurts down both legs (I'm getting another MRI this week, I'll post the results if I have more herniations). I have been working HARD and STEADILY on exercises for both problems, and I've made some progress, but neither is going away at all.

I do not want to have surgery for either. I have done one light cycle of anavar this year and I made solid gains and felt good during, but my pain has increased while I've been off and progress with my eyes has slowed to essentially zero. I stopped taking the anavar in the beginning of March. I will be seeing a good physical therapist twice a week, and I will have people that have done gear and know a lot about it help me throughout my cycle. I just figure, the more information I have, the better. I would just like to hear what you all think about my proposed cycle to get more opinions and information.

I've never been more focused on anything in my life before. I will be working on these problems every day as much as possible, but within my limitations. I cannot go on living this way much longer. I'm so focused, that I honestly sometimes cannot even watch movies or TV because I'm just disinterested, constantly thinking about my back, my eyes, working out, healing, etc. I am going to put everything I have, mentally and physically, into healing this summer.

I plan on running a 12 week cycle of 300mg/deca with 5-600mg/Test Enth. per week, and 60mg/anavar per day. I will use HCG during the cycle, and Nolvadex for PCT. I chose deca because of its benefits to joints - I know this will not have that big of an effect on the lumbar region where my problem is, but some effect is better than none and nothing is going to have that big of an effect on my lumbar region - (and the fact that I already had a supply).

Test Enth. because It's the recommended testosterone in the long/standard cycle stickies, I will only need to inject once a week, and the fact that I already had a supply as well. Anavar also because I have a supply of it - my connect just hooked me up with a supply. I didn't originally plan to use any because I'm broke and can't afford to buy that much gear right now. I'm just using what I have for the most part. I can afford stuff for side-effects/pct/etc. but not a whole cycle's worth of gear at the moment.

Thanks for any responses, positive or negative, that have information in them and not just flames. I appreciate your help.


If you don't get good feedback, try PMing Bushidobadboy.


Thanks. Did round1 today. 300deca/500testE/60mg anavar. I'll keep this thread updated with the results of my recovery. I'm feeling real confident that I can do this. I've had this herniated disc for 4 years now, a failed surgery 2 years ago, and 11 epidural injections... I'm about to get 2 more in a couple weeks. Time to end this misery.


Have you considered using HGH to aid reocovery? or is cost a issue here


I can get HGH. Do you think that would really help? I haven't done much research, but I can definitely get it. My parents can help fund this. They know how fucking miserable I've been the past 4 years and I'm sure they'd be willing to throw in. Why HGH though? I hadn't thought about that really. Could I add HGH to what I'm already cycling. Since I have this gear, I really want to go ahead and use it... I mean, no use in it just sitting around. I'm willing to try absolutely anything that will help me recover.


I was wondering if HGH could be of significant help too. I am sure others will clarify.


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Originally I had a herniated disc L4-L5 that hurt down my right leg in Junior year of HS from playing lacrosse. After senior year I got a disectomy or whatever its called, and that ended up failing - now I have pain down both my right and legs. It's an intense, 'nerve pain' is the only way to describe it... doesn't feel like any other pain I've ever had. It's very sharp and intense when inflamed.

Stretching helps a lot, but doesn't make the pain go away completely. Strengthening the muscles during rehab from january-march while I was taking Anavar 40mg/day greatly decreased the pain. Since then, I had finals so I was sitting and studying for like 3 weeks straight, then I went on a workout binge - chin-ups, pushups, walking 4-5 miles a day, etc. After 2 weeks of this and a long road-trip, my back has been fucking killing me down the backs of both legs. I'm getting another MRI this thursday, and I'll notify you of the results next week I assume. I've been doing exercises prescribed by my Physical therapist who I'll resume seeing next week.

Basically its like you lay flat on your back, knees up, then lift yourself for 10 seconds holding ur abs/back tight and lower. 35 reps. Then there's a variation to it with bands. You do the first one 10 seconds, then you push the band outwards for 10 seconds hold it, then pull your legs all the way back in 10 seconds hold it, go back down for 1 rep.

I have been doing chin-ups and push-ups as well, but with my back so inflamed I've cut back. I'm sure my PT will prescribe some new exercises for me to do, but those two are the ones I've been doing everyday, 35 reps of each.

Really, just overuse of my eyes caused the problem. I'm a very talented student, in a top 15 college, but I got caught up in the drug scene there. I managed with a 3.5, which was fucking amazing, but my eyes got so strained because of my poor working habits, that they basically just stop working after months of strain. I've been prescribed a rehab program called Computerized Vergence System that works both convergence and divergence.

However, my eyes still looked fucked up and show strabismus(one eye not aligned with the other), even though I have gone through the rehab program and score very highly. I think I might need surgery to lengthen/shorten my eye muscles, because the problem has been getting steadily worse for around 2 years. Yeah the exercises work well, but with my back so inflamed my whole nervous system is inflamed and that fucks my eyes up. I wear a light prescription pair of glasses.

I'm doing the therapy prescribed by my doctors to a T. I follow their instructions very closely and do exactly what they tell me. I stretch regularly, walk regularly etc. on top of their exercises.


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Hey man, I really appreciate your help here, honestly. Thank you. I'll buy the book you recommended - I have 3-400 books anyways... I love books. When I get it, can I go over parts of it with you if I'm having difficulty understanding the concept or what exercises to do and what no to do with my injury? Or is it all pretty self-explanatory? The exercises I described are basically what my PT had me doing... and some leg raises, but that's it. Like I said though, he'll definitely give me more to do next week when I see him again.

EDIT Hey, I see he has a book specifically for lower back problems: http://www.amazon.com/Low-Back-Disorders-Evidence-based-Rehabilitation/dp/0736066926/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1242855225&sr=8-7
Should I just get that instead or do you recommend both of them?

I'm going to continue with the cycle because I've already started it, and if anything, it just gives me a mental boost. I'm a pessimistic person naturally, so even though I know gear isn't going to solve my problems, it helps me think that I can solve them. That's something I need to work on as a person, I know.

The bike exercise sounds very interesting... You would have the bike mounted upside down, and facing side-ways towards you, right? Or would you be behind the rear wheel? How would I get the pedals moving for any period of time if I'm going to be looking at the wheels from a distance? Sorry, I'm not a very creative or visual person at all, lol. Would I do this once a day? Several 'sets' in one period? or just one set for like 5-10 minutes?


God damn, I am so fucking happy right now. THANK YOU!!

I have one question about sides/PCT. I've read the stickies and all, but apparently I'm not comprehending it or something, because I'm still confused. Some of the people I know off of this forum told me not to use HCG during cycle because it can mess with things. I don't really understand the AI stuff at all. I'm going to get Nolvadex 20mg pills. I should use that during cycle only if I'm having negative side effects like gyno and then start it 2 weeks after the cycle is over for PCT, right? Is that all I will need? Should I take something during the cycle besides Nolvadex even if I'm not having bad side effects? Or even have something on hand besides Nolvadex in-case side effects come up? Basically, what I'm asking: Will I need anything besides Nolvadex for sides/PCT?


Glad you got some constructive feedback.

BBB, that was a great boost for a guy on despair's doorstep.


Definitely pick up some Adex (oral liquid anastrazole). It sells for around $70 for 60ml @ 1mg/ml. You can find it on chem research websites which are quasi legal ("for research purposes"). Just put the words Adex and chemical research into google and you should have some good leads.

Deca is pretty suppressive and is a very long ester so it takes about 3 weeks to clear from your system before you are able to start PCT. Test e aromatizes elevating estrogen significantly. HCG during cycle would be recommended at 250iu EOD or at least 2x/w to combat deca's suppressiveness and contribute to an easier recovery post cycle (stop HCG at last test e injection prior to PCT). Adex at 0.25mg/d to start and adjust as needed (i.e.: bloating, puffy nipples, low libido = elevated estrogen ==> increase Adex dose | joint pain, dryness, mental fogginess, poor libido = too low estrogen ==> decrease Adex).

Stop the Deca a week or two before the test e to minimize deca sides. Deca is not a forgiving AAS if you omit an AI (Adex, Letro, Aromasin) since it is a progestin. Allowing your estrogen levels to rise by not using an AI will leave you susceptible to gyno and lactating. Many prefer Letro when using Deca, but in your case a little extra water will probably add comfort so Adex should be fine.

Start Nolva PCT 2 weeks after your last test e injection. 4 weeks of 40mg/d | 40mg/d | 20mg/d | 20mg/d respectively.


You inject adex right? Every day? Or should I wait until I'm having some side effects and then start it? That probably sounds dumb lol, but you said 'oral' and I can only find it in vials and have never used the stuff before.

Thanks a lot!!! Damn. I was hesitant to even post my planned cycle on here because when I posted about the anavar way back, I just got flamed to hell because I was/am still a newbie to this stuff. You guys are saviors! I REALLY appreciate it. I can't even put my gratitude into words... THANK YOU!!


No. Adex is Anastrazole suspended or mixed in liquid which you ingest orally. There is typically a graduated dropper included with the bottle. You can just fill the dropper to the required dose and then empty in into a teaspoon and slurp it down. You can also use an oral syringe for more precise dose control, or a 1 ml syringe with no needle attached. Then simply squirt it in your mouth and rinse off the syringe so it is ready for the next use. Adex is way, way cheaper than Arimidex tablets and many of us are very pleased with its effectiveness.


edited problem solved.


Yes, that does look like an injectable. Cancel order. I'll PM you...


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Hmm....you think that even with running the Test at 500, using HCG and an AI, Deca could permanently damage my libido/sterilize me?? What dose of GH would you recommend? I don't really know anything about GH.

Also, I had asked Dynamo about collagen synthesis/test reducing the benefits of deca/anavar. Does collagen synthesis even matter for something like a herniated disc? I was asking him if I should DROP my test from 500 to something like 200... now you have me worried about taking any of this stuff lol. Altho... I did think about that before I started and healing these injuries is worth reduced libido, to me anyways. However, I don't want to be sterile = /


BBB - Deca does have positive connective tissue benefits, and with a Dopamine Agonist it would be a perfectly decent addition would it not?

Also what about IGF-1 LR3? Dont athletes inject that in the area nearest the joint of issue?

Or is rHGH better as it raises IGF-1 to a higher degree - and IGF-1 LR3 is just a cheaper alternative for many?

Thanks! :wink:


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