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Rehabbing ITB Syndrome

Hello all,

My gf has ITB syndrome for the past 1.5 months. She gets massages, but does little else. Her cardio is way down, as she has some pain.

Now, I searched T-Nation but didn’t get the results I wanted. Does anyone out here have any advice, routines, anything that can help get here back on her feet?



Check out the article on self myofacial release. The foam roller can be very useful for the ITB.


Back in 2001, I ran and finished the NYC Marathon. I’m no marathon runner, nor am I built like one, but I just thought it would be pretty cool to do, at least for bragging rights, and I finished in 4:26. Anyway, somewhere leading up to the marathon, I developed ITB Syndrome which caused a severe pain in my right hip. I’ve gone for PT, cortisone injections, stopped running, you name it. NOthing helped, and to this day, if I try to run more than a mile, my hip kills me for a week. I’ve adopted cycling as my cardio fix, and my hip feels great. I don’t see anymore marathons in my future though.