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Rehabbing from Inguinal Hernia

I had surgery to repair an inguinal hernia exactly one week ago. I am recevering fine and things are going well. My doctor said no weights for four weeks and then it could be reevaluated. Cardio can be done much sooner.

One question I didn’t ask at the time(and I can’t get through to him now) is how long before certain bodyweight exercises can be done. Push ups and chins most importantly.

If I can do those along with some jogging/running I won’t go 100% mad until I can lift again.

Just doing nothing is boring as hell. Not to mention I’d like to hold on to what little muscle I have.

Anybody have any experience with this? I searched threads but nobody in those did any gradual BW work.


I’ve been there, my friend. I had one about 10 years ago. Might have been a little longer. I’m a little fuzzy on the dates since it was a while ago.

Pushups probably won’t be a problem after a week or two as long as they don’t cause any pain, but chins you might have some difficulty with because of the involuntary ab contraction that occurs. I remember having trouble doing chins at first, but they felt better as more time passed.

I was pretty much back in the gym after four weeks and felt okay to push it a few weeks later.

Yep Angry is right. Just make sure to go nice and slow with squats etc and anything straining your midsection… nobody wants to pop a stich.

You should be good to go in 4 weeks for sure.

Just go really slow the first week or so.