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rehabbing elbow injury

Guys I need advice for friend of mine. My friend is just starting to get into weight lifting so I offered to help him out b/c he doesn’t really know much right now. Except that he wants to work out chest(Just sounds kinda funny even though I was the same way when I started). On to the problem, when my friend was bench pressing I noticed that the bar was uneven coming up on every rep. I asked him about it and he said that he had fractured his left elbow several years ago. As such it creates a good deal of discomfort to try to lower the bar all the way down to chest level. This is uncharted territory for me so I just need to ask what he should do. I’m not to comfortable telling him to bench press when it may cause problems, and that is what he mainly wants to do. I can’t tell him to abandon it completely. Also, he doesn’t feel any adverse effects when performing curls. I know it may be hard to suggest something knowing so little but any advice is truly appreciated.

Is there anything more he can do (rehab wise) to increase his range of motion around his elbow? If that’s the way he is for life then I’d suggest moving to DB’s and see if that helps.

if he is just starting, and has that much pain, tell him to slow the f down. seriously if you have that much pain you should be trying to help rehab the injury especially if you are just starting out. have him do light db’s for higher reps or something i have no idea. just ease him in.

and if one arm is pushing it up much faster than the other, he could have major strength imbalances, especially if he’s just starting out******. have him do unilateral db’s or something to show him one arm is way weaker, andthat he will f himself up if he neglects this.

dont help someone ruin themself!


just my opinion

I’ll suggest db’s for the mean time. Also, the pain is not unbearable but more bothersome. And its his range of motion that needs to be improved. I really don’t think it has much to do with the weight b/c he was lifting fairly light.

Nobody, one arm is not pushing faster than the other, his left arm just can’t go down as far(it only appeared to me at first as a strength imbalance). And believe me I would not let him ruin himself. Thanks guys.