I wrote a few months back regarding mixed martial arts training, and got some great advice. I just had microsurgery on a herniated disc/pinched nerve and want to slowly get on the right track. I’m taking GNC multi-vitamins, eating 6 healthy meals a day, and am about to start running. Any combat conditioning training advice that is pre-Matt Furey, (not so intense yet) as I have to start off slow. FYI—I fight muay Thai and am about to start grappling. Thanks.

Camo: Would you mind providing some detail regarding your surgery, recovery times, etc.? I was injured at work about 8 years ago and ended up with a herniated disk, and it still flares up every once and a while. Frankly, I’m tired of the occasional pain, but I also don’t want to lose 10+ years of weightlifting gains by spending several months as a surgical recovery invalid. That would suck royally…

Camo, depending on your injury, many of Matt’s conditioning exercises will be helpful to you during rehab. You don’t have to make them as intense as they seem! I’d look into it bro!