Listen to them.

I love listening to these guys. The older stuff and unreleased songs are by far the best. Very talented rappers. Give them a listen. Gotta spread the word.

Drinkin problem

Stormchaser (ft. cee-lo)

It don’t matter

Im so dizy

Shit on me

Hey fred

Miss Jones

Rattle my cage


Carry on

Just let go



How come and why

Here come the demons

Gimmie my money

Same guys with that one song “Drinking in a bar” or something. “Bartender, I really did it this time. Broke my parole to have a good time…” Good song, I remember the day I first heard it exactly. We had just got our notice of termination and my boss came up to me and told me, “We had a good run my boy” Gave me an envelope full of money, my paycheck, and a “man” hug. The entire operation went bankrupt a week later. Thats was the last time I saw my kind master. sighs

LOL that sucks dude.

[quote]elano wrote:
LOL that sucks dude.[/quote]

You lolz at my momentary, public, heartfelt moment?! lol!

bro these cats are fucken old news, though it dont matter was a good as song…sittin in traffic , another day of feelin nothin , tryna find something , i guess its back to huffin paint or model glue…awesome

Yeah but a lot of people havn’t ever heard them.

I’ve met Danny Boone. Very nice guy.

BUMP everybody needs to listen.