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Rehab That Worked?

A couple months ago i injured my back went to the doc got x-rays and all and her verdict was a pulled muscle. So i layed off any unilateral work and only recently began doing deadlifts and rows again. However my back still feels kinda weird and occasionally has some pain. I do know i need to strengthen my abbs as i have neglected this area in tha past and recently started ian kings program for abbs.
Also i injured my shoulders again while rolling in jujitsu. My doc thinck its just tendonitis and gave me some corticosteroids and pain killers which have helped but i want to fix them as they have been in some sort of pain for the last few years.
My question is this, i know there are alot of shoulder and back rehab programs on this site, so i wondered if any of you have experienced something similar to my problem and what you did that helped most. Any info would be great whether a link to the program u used or whatever. Thanks

For your shoulders, look at these:



For your back, I think Mike Robertson had an article a while ago.

I’ve had good luck with the Cressey stuff in the past when my shoulders have been injured. And I have two torn discs that bother me sometimes. But I still squat (not heavy) and deadlift. I’m really carefull about keeping my back straight.

Good luck.

There’s no way she could have seen on an X-ray that it was a pulled muscle. She probably figured it was, since there didn’t seem anything wrong with the bone-structure itself.
But she should have sent you for an echo or MRI.

I’ve had some succes with phase 1 of this article.

8 Weeks to Monster Shoulders
by Alwyn Cosgrove and Chad Waterbury

yea sorry, i didn’t mean to imply she discovered it was muscular from the x-ray, merely that i had one taken and since the bones and discs looked OK she assumed since i was in pain it was muscular. I would have liked an MRI however as a poor college student who doesn’t have insurance that was kinda pushing my budget.

I also meant to include in the first post that my shoulder pain usually eases when i work out and increases whenever i have a layoff. I seem to vaguely remember a thread on that topic but couldn’t find it when i searched so if anyone could help with that to id appreciate it. Thanks.