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Rehab Shirt


Hello All,

I am a completely RAW lifter but i've had it with my nagging pec strains and tears that just will not go away. Now it has happened in both pecs atleast twice and probably a half dozen on my right side. I've been training for 15 years but this has just begun to happen in the last 4 years and it is starting to get very frustrating. I am not interested in a real heavy shirt but would like something that will give me some good compression/support and allow me to continue to train heavy and as close to a RAW feel as possible. I also will need something that I can hopefully get in and out of by myself.

After looking today, the Inzer Standard Blast ordered a few sizes big caught my eye. However, I know very little about shirts and equipment so any advice or help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Check out Mark Bell's Slingshot. Sounds like it would be a perfect fit for you. There's a thread on here a few pages back about it.

You say the strains won't go away? Are you easing off the chest work enough to let it heal? Maybe you just need to lay off more..idk.


It's not necessarily that it won't go away, it's that it continues to reoccur. The slingshot looks like a possibility. Has anyone had any experience with an anterior chest injuries? Would this provide the support I would need or would a loose shirt be more optimal? Thanks for the help.


A loose shirt doesn't perform the way a shirt is supposed to.


A loose blast shirt with the back cut will provide a small amount of support, but I'm not sure it will solve your problem. You need to get at the root of why you have these recurrent pec strains. A loose shirt won't necessarily solve the problem. I had a period of time when I kept getting pec strains every 1-2 months. I finally evaluated my technique and training and modified some things and haven't really had any issues for 2+ years now. Here are the "rules" I have made for myself:

1) Don't bench heavy more than a couple weeks in a row. Do moderate weeks or deloads on a regular basis.
2) Don't let your elbows flair out (this wasn't an issue with me but is worth mentioning).
3) Limit or avoid grinding out reps on the BP. Leave a rep or two in the tank.
4) Stretch your pecs and shoulders daily.
5) No pin presses.
6) Train your shoulders so the pecs don't have to take the entire load when benching.
7) Warm-up very thoroughly. I do bar x30-60 reps, 95x12, 135x8, 185x5, 225x3-5, 275x1-3, and then my work sets.
8) Do sets of very light flyes for high reps to stretch the pecs.