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Rehab Program Recommendation

Hey Coach!

Just finished with 2 ankle surgeries (one on each ankle) and about 7 months off the gym due to casts, crutches, unable to drive etc. related to the surgeries. I have go ahead from my doctor to begin training again and I am wondering what you would recommend. Before surgery I had a ton of success with your Complete Power Look program. Stats pre surgery 6’3 245lbs at ~12% bf. I’ve been an athlete my whole life and competed internationally in volleyball when I was younger. The injuries from this lead to my surgeries. Current stats 6’3 220lbs roughly 20% bf. I adjusted my diet as best I could to accommodate my lack of activity hence my weight loss. I’m noticeably smaller everywhere and put on a bit of fat around the waist.
I’m looking for a program that can help me get back into weight training and begin building up my lower body strength around my repaired ankles. I have been thinking about running a body weight training only program for 30-60 days but don’t have a ton of direction on what that should look like. I’m also planning on running the Velocity diet for the first 30 days to reset my eating habits however I’m a bit tentative about the training plan that accompanies it simply due to my very beginner nature again.

Any recommendations would be very appreciated!

I’m not CT, but I had an injury years ago that put me in a boot. I got rolfed, and it made a tremendous impact on the quality of my movement & my gains. Before getting rolfed, I used to get horrible knots in my arch and keeping my pelvis aligned. Just read your post & thought I would say something.

I’m honestly sorry but rehab and injury questions are things I never answer online. I feel that doing so without knowing the person and being able to see him/her train is irresponsable as it might actually lead to making the injury worse.

I can understand that. Thanks for the reply anyways!