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Rehab problem..irondoc and others please help

I have a bad case of Tendonitis in my right shoulder, during football season my shoulder has “popped out” of its socket twice when I was in 10th twice in 11th and now that I am in 12th it has “popped out” at least 3 times in the last two weeks, all after a hit. The last two days I have not be able to lift my shoulder pass 30 degrees if I was trying to do a front raise without extreme dicomfront, and if I try to do I military press (with out any weight) my shoulder “clicks” and I feel a sharp pain. I talked with the athletic trainer at my school and he told me it was tendonitis and has me during all kinds of internal rotations on the therobands and some thing against his hand, one thing I have observed was that the internal rotations cause a bad type of pain while the negatives feel much better, so After reading Eccentric Exercise by Peter Blanchonette it got my thinking of what type of exercise would be optimal if I were to try Blanchonette way, any ideas? If I need to clarify on anything just ask, thanks

You need a very serious shoulder evaluation. It does sound as if you have some instability. If you repeatedly injured your shoulder as many times as you said, you should get a contrast MRI done to determine if there is a tear in one of the rotator cuff muscles or a labral(the cup area of the shoulder) region.
It would be hard for me to recommend any exercises, since some can worsen certain conditions. Example, instability can be in various directions, which call for different exercises than a slight tear, which differs from a serious tear. ART could be attempted, but you still need a good evaluation. At this point do not do any benches at any angles, any overhead pressing exercises. It does sound as if you are getting some impingement of the supraspinatus tendon in the anterior region.Stay away from the front raises also. Just ask if you need more info.