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Rehab Leg Training?

Hello everyone,

I just twist my left ankle, now it’s swelling like hell, I don’t know if anything broken inside, i want to know after my ankle back to normal(with strength loss, at least no pain during walking), which training program in this site will you guys recommended for rebuilding the strength of my legs?
during this time, which training program should i use for upper body?

You’re joking right? Get your ass to a doctor and have your ankle checked out.
In the meantime rest, ice and maintain your normal range of motion.

i just have something to hold the position of my left ankle, it’s the bone outside have crack (spiral shape)

i’ll have 6 weeks rest. but after that, i’m thinking the program from Don Alessi - fuctionally correct calves. what do you guys think?

i found that in that program, Day 1, after the A series of exercise, it’s not complete before Day 2. any one have the copy of the complete article?